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Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with. I have a Discord server setup for everyone interested in recording so once you have finished reading this add me and ill send you a link to my server, the server isn't very active yet as it is new and only has a small group of people. I hope to get a small group going so we can record with each other and make some great content.

- Discord
- Have a decent mic
- Preferably from Australia or around the same time zone
- I don't care how many subs you got

These are just some of the games will most likely play, there will be more and if you have a game you think we should try let me know ill be more than happy to buy it
- Rust
- Grand Theft Auto V
- Payday 2
- Battlegrounds
- Garry's Mod
- Golf With Your Friends
- Cards against humanity

If your PC cannot run some of these game don't worry there will still be other games we can collab on :)

Discord Seige #5880

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.