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  1. sickvenom

    Gaming Pc YouTubers 17+

    Hey my name is Vince or as they know me as ChinoPlayz on youtube. Im looking for other loyal friends to record with and we can grow together, becasue collabaration is key. Im 19 years old and play really everything but im really trying to get a great series on the new dayz update or something...
  2. Seige

    Gaming Looking For Gaming Youtubers

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with. I have a Discord server setup for everyone interested in recording so once you have finished reading this add me and ill send you a link to my server, the server isn't very active yet as it is new and only has a small group of people. I hope to get...
  3. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny moments - Looking to collab

    I need friends that specialize in funny moments content, I mainly play CS:GO and H1. Check out my channel and see if you create similar content, if you do then leave a comment on this thing. Please be 16 or older and have an active channel. I like pizza as well.
  4. Aaron Mendoza

    My CS GO Mini Frag!

    Big Shoutout to ScionaraGaming he edited this and i really loved it and it's amazing! :) I hope you like it :P This spends time to make and create and the though is just awesome! Again huge shoutout to Scionara! :) I have a few CS GO Clips in here that are nice and it's edited. The Song is in...
  5. ChrisAntigen

    Gaming PC Collab GtaV, GMod, Ect

    My friend and I are starting a collaboration group and we are in need of 2 more people. We are planning on playing multiplayer games like GtaV, Scrap Mechanic, and really any multiplayer openworld and or FPS. Requirements -Good mic -Around age 16 (no squeakers) -Respectful member -Able to record...
  6. SandManOnly

    What would you pick?

    So I'm planing on starting a new series on my channel, but for the name I have 2 and I don't know witch one to use. So the first is *Insert Some Random Title* | CS:GO Wanderings Ep.69 and the second one is *Insert Some Random Title* | The CS:GO Quest Ep.69. If you would have to chose between...
  7. R


    I used to make runescape videos but I moved on to first person shooters my channel is Handcannoned contact me by steam RamboedP.s. it says my channel doesnt exist so you have to search for it on youtube
  8. BettyisHere

    Would love some feedback

    Hey everyone i have the right to post links now Im super happy all my hard work pays off please check out my CHANNEL Let me know what you think, I am learning more and more every video See my latest video below thanks everyone
  9. BettyisHere

    My Channel Betty is Here

    Hey everyone So I have been hard at work on the forum earned enough forum cash to get the right to post my channel here and I am doing it with great pride Check out my channel, I appropriate all feed back and comments, I read them all and reply to them thanks guys and gals and youtubers and...
  10. MKS37LOTUS

    Gaming ****(PC) COLLABORATIONS (500+subs)****

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION any1 can add me on skype, If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...
  11. J

    Gaming [pc] collab cs go funny moments

    i'm a 13 year old guy wanting to collab with someone (13+ and you need a good mic i have 0 subs)
  12. Sir Gamealot

    CS GO Overwatch

    Hi guys! Wanna see detective Gamealot bust some criminals of the Counter Strike underground? Fear not now you may with my all new Overwatch series!
  13. MKS37LOTUS

    Gaming PC collaboration on steam games (igots400+subs)

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...
  14. A

    Feedback upon funny moments channel

    My name is Apex Wolf I think my channel ranks #1. I make cs go funny moments videos and that I want feedback upon the general of my channel so the banner, the avatar and the videos itself and how I can improve upon them so I can make people interested in it. Can anyone give me feedback upon...
  15. MKS37LOTUS


    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...
  16. C

    Request Free CSGO intro

    Intro requirements: *means not completely needed channel name : callum261 *Counter strike global offensive themed One more piece of information which you will have to contact me for :D contact me at: callum.kyle2@live.co.uk Thank you, please get in contact soon
  17. A

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hows everyones day? My name is Austin Eisenman and I am looking for a collaboration on my youtube channel! Im using this as a way for me to grow. I have 19 subs and other than that I like dogs. Im 16 and very immature. I like to play video games such as: ARK SURVIVAL. CS;GO or any game pretty...
  18. EndoveneTV

    EndoveneTV - Multiple videos [ NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL ]

    Welcome to my Youtube channel! My name is Endovene, 25 years old and living in the Netherlands. Here I will upload my gameplay videos of various games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, Borderlands 2 and many more to come. I will be uploading frequently so...
  19. Ninja

    Gaming Looking for CSGO channels to record with (NA)

    I only have a handful of simple requirements: -Able to remain light and funny while playing, even if you're doing poorly or we're losing (hopefully won't happen often cx) -Good audio quality -Must be ranked MG1 or above (I am MGE) -Able to connect to Eastern Canadian severs (I'm located around...
  20. Haxter

    Gaming CS GO?

    Who want to play cs go in 2-3 h? :D im mg1 rank :D add me on skype the ill add you on steam. my skype is : gytis38
  21. seejacklive

    CS:GO - Amazing Awp Ace!

    Hey guys, So Here is my latest video that I just realised last night, Hope you all enjoy.