1. D

    Need Suggestions: Copyrights VS Song covers

    Hello! I am making a few plans for my Youtube channel. Writing down a bunch of ideas, brainstorming. You know. Then it occurred to me, if I wanted to make a few covers of songs, I can't do so without getting in trouble for copyright issues right? I went to take a look at a few channels that...
  2. Cassarilla

    Opinions on posting music without a filmed video?

    What are your opinions on posting music covers and originals without a filmed music video using art instead? Would that stop you from listening? During this time of year my schedule with work and my involvement in the local community theater gets really busy until about July, but I want to...
  3. Rose Smith

    Music Looking for collabs or friends! :)

  4. Mya Yang

    Singing covers, HELP!

    Don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but if not, please move it to where appropriate. Thank you! So I just recently bought this Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack: Credit picture: Guitar Center I want to do live covers of songs. Like this chick, Samantha Harvey...
  5. M

    Music Looking to Collab

    Hello! I am looking for other youtubers of any caliber to collaborate. I post YouTube covers and would love to work with someone in growing out channels together! Check out my channel: Marissa Dai
  6. DcapoMedia

    New Video Game Music Channel - VGM Covers and Originals Weekly!

    Hey all, my name is Daniel and I'm an avid gamer, music composer, sound designer and pianist. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I cover video game music and post original video game music on a weekly basis. Currently my most popular video is a cover from the Classic jrpg Chrono...
  7. comeflywithme2k

    Good mic for voice recording?

    Anyone know of a good microphone brand for voice acting or singing?
  8. M

    Music Save My Soul (original music and original music video)

    Any musicians interested in collaborating to make music that'd be along these lines? Both covers and originals are up for options. Both the music and the video have been done by me. Looking forward to some replies!
  9. Jonatan Moser

    Seeking rock hard critique of my newest cover song

    So, since I started uploading (relatively) regularly a few months back, my sub count has grown to 323. I would like it to grow higher and faster (obviously), so I would really appreciate some boldly honest opinions on my work to improve my quality in future videos. Since I am only allowed to...
  10. QueenGabriella

    "Titanium" by David Guetta Cover

    ❥Hey guys!❥ It's Gabriella. You know, the newbie YouTube musician? Anyways, I was hoping if you guys could check out my latest YouTube video and tell me what you think? Thanks homies.
  11. QueenGabriella

    Next Video Suggestions?

    Hey homies! I need some suggestions for my next video. For those of you who don't know what my channel's about (yes, yes you), I'm a YouTube musician. So throw at me some song ideas; I'd just love to know what you guys want to hear c: I'll even shout out to you if I pick your song. Don't be...
  12. A Little Bit Fiendish

    Music Looking for guitarist / backing vocalist to collab with on covers

    Hi, I'm Haydon but my youtube alias is A Little Bit Fiendish, and it is a music focused channel where I occasionally do gaming on the side. I'm 15 and I've been taking professional singing lessons for nearly a year now (although I've been singing without lessons for much longer) and I've started...
  13. Emily Pruna

    Music Play any instruments? I'd like to collab with you!

    Hi There YTtalk! I would like to start adding covers to my Youtube channel. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl but I don’t know how to play any instruments. So I thought instead of doing all a cappella songs I would take this opportunity to collaborate with other Youtubers! I’m...
  14. ohzana

    Requesting Channel Review? (Geeky Videos, Covers, Makeup Tutorials) Hi guys! In the past I've tried to focus on geek related content because that's more of who I am, but in the past month I've just tried to upload anything I can think of twice a week. (Like did you know the more you upload the higher you come up in the search...
  15. Rickyduvall

    NEW CHAINSMOKERS COVER, Looking for honest feedback on style and quality...

    Would love to have this new video reviewed by you guys! I typically do normal acapellas but wanted to try something new with an awesome dancer!
  16. Jonatan Moser

    Never thought my covers would break the 100 subs mark so fast!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my gratitude for the extreme growth on my channel lately. It took me almost a year to reach 70 subscribers - but the number has grown to almost 110 within a few days! I am SO thankful, and completely overhwelmed of the huge amount of likes and positive...
  17. sincere tk

    Music Looking 2 Do Side By Side Video Covers With Aspiring Singers

    Hey I Rap and Songwrite I Love to Do Freestyle over the Latest Beats and Tracks Looking For Some Ppl to Collab On Weekly Covers With In Side By Side Videos?
  18. TV Harmonies

    Can't Stop The Feeling! Cover from Animations Trolls

    Hey guys would love some feedback on this! Just posted today please let me know any feedback on how to improve it any way ! Thank you all so much
  19. TV Harmonies

    New Cover and Looking For Advice !

    Hey everyone, I am new to Youtube and this is my new cover and I was hoping to get some advice on how to improve quality and overall just a review of the channel ! Thank you everyone for your help!
  20. That BioMechanical Dude


    I have made a bunch of video game music covers... most of them are NES remakes, made with Famitracker. I hope you enjoy them! Daredevil Theme - NES Cover Arumana no Kiseki - NES Sountrack Cover (yes, this is a cover of the entire soundtrack) Duke Nukem 3D Theme - MMC5 Cover (the MMC5 was an...
  21. CrystalD

    How can I attract more attention/subs to my Music Channel?

    I'm really having a hard time wording this but I'll try my best. I started my channel about 9 months ago, and have what I think is good views and subs for it considering it's a music/cover channel. But, one of my videos is the main source of my views - I have a cover of Sins of the Father from...


    Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me and helpful tips and tricks when doing music cover videos, as well as gaming videos. Essentially any advice you can give on getting these types of videos more viewers! Thank you in advance! :wavespin:
  23. Ohgoditskeith

    My Instagram Covers - Pop music

    Hey Guys !! Here's a few of my newest covers from my Instagram ! Please tell me what you think and yeah hope you enjoy :):)
  24. Ohgoditskeith

    Random Pop Covers - Sam Smith- Jessie J

    HERES SOME RANDOM POP COVERS !!! Pls chk it out quick and leave some feedback :redface:
  25. J

    Music 15 year old male singer

    Hey everyone! I'm a 15 year old guy, and I sing, play tabla and a little guitar. I live in Sharjah, UAE. I'll try and explain the nature of my voice. It is rather low pitched, and I find it quite hard to hit high notes sometimes. But it is possible for me to reach up to the average pitch level...
  26. Rehannah

    Thoughts on Singers/Songwriters on YouTube

    So what do you all think about the YouTubers that do YouTube covers and get famous? Or what about the ones that aren't famous yet? What do you all suggest they do? What about those who think they aren't good enough and therefore don't put up anymore videos? Also do you all know any sites to get...