Requesting Channel Review? (Geeky Videos, Covers, Makeup Tutorials)

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Hi guys!

In the past I've tried to focus on geek related content because that's more of who I am, but in the past month I've just tried to upload anything I can think of twice a week. (Like did you know the more you upload the higher you come up in the search? I FEEL SO TARDY TO THE PARTY FINDING THIS OUT LOL)

Anyway! My question would be - what do you think of my channel? In this day/age is it better to have a niche, or should I continue just producing my videos as is? Any review of my content is also very much welcome because I am trying hard to keep amping up the quality.

Let me know what you guys think! Thank you so much. :wub:
the channel link is broken :(

I think you should just do what you like doing.
It felt more like the style of a makeup vlog, I know you mentioned some geeky subjects but its honestly not like the geeky stuff I watch normally like felicia day's vlogs or the guild or geek and sundry or boogie2988 or cracked (yeah I know cracked isn't always geeky).

but honestly just do what you enjoy. maybe just post more often too.
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Thanks for letting me know about the link, fixed it!
Been hoping YT will let me change my URL for so long now, but it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen LOL.

And thank you! Maybe it does feel more like a makeup vlog...I have more geeky videos planned than I have uploaded, so I think my vision was just a bit clouded. It's helpful to see how the outside world receives my channel so I can get a feel for how to cultivate it!
Thank you :)
I honestly wouldn't change if your happy with it. it's just personal preference and everyone is different. if you have over 500 subs there's an audience. I don't see anything wrong with it at all, all the editing looks professional and the graphics are nice and eye catching.
Hey! I love your channel art and thumbnails for your videos! I think if you keep up doing what you are doing subscribers will come! I would love feedback on mine too
Do what you love and forget the rest, because it's the love for what you do that will make the difference. I make cosplay props as a hobby and i have another channel i am working on for that. Cosplay is a big thing right now but you should do it because you love it. I think your videos are great and you are good at making them. Just keep up the good work because its all about consistency.
Sorry for the late reply guys!!
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to write something supportive for lil' ol' me. I'll keep trying to find my niche but I'll take your advice and just enjoy it along the way. :)