cover song

  1. Koji Kobura

    Dua Lipa - IDGAF MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this cover using Ableton Live 10.
  2. Koji Kobura

    Alan Walker - Faded MPK Cover

    Hi! I made this remake using FL Studio 12 and my Akai MPK Mini. What do you think?
  3. EmmaHudsonSinger

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland Cover)- Emma Hudson

  4. EmmaHudsonSinger

    Golfinger (Shirley Bassey Cover)- Emma Hudson

  5. AugustinC

    Music Let's collaborate on YT to grow together... ; )

    Hi everyone, I'm a french composer, arranger, sound engineer who compose music, make instrumental covers of well-known themes & vg music. I also make audio tutorials & piano tutorials. I'm sure you'd be interested in sharing videos on collaborate playlists (by theme for example), so that we...
  6. nguwusic

    Cover/Guitar Lesson Revenue Sharing - Networks, WeAreTheHits, ...

    Hi everyone, I've been quite active on my YouTube channel this last year where I make guitar lessons videos and I encounter on most of my videos the Copyright claiming that ends up with a revenue sharing. Does someone know the percentage that they take off the revenue made by one video ? I...
  7. O

    Eligible for Revenue Sharing question

    Posting for a friend. I read the help section on youtube for Revenue Sharing with cover songs but I'm a little confused because the help article says that you can't share in revenue with cover songs for live concert performances. Yet my friend is the musician in the concert. It's her cover...
  8. FraYoshi

    Music base on a cover song?

    Okay, I learned that we can perform certain songs' cover and monetize them... but what about the music we use as base? Should we also play It or an original one is allowed? :unsure: Anybody has experiences with It? Only a cappellas? :confused:
  9. Sally Miller

    Music Looking for Cover Artist

    Looking for a cover artist to do a cover of "I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter for my youtube channel trailer. If you are interested please contact me on Twitter: @Charlottetimtv
  10. Pierre Maynard

    I made a Cover song what do you think?

    So i decided to make a cover song because i'm good at Guitar! :D Hope you like it :) Cover song, is Peter Murphy - Strange kind of love
  11. P

    Temple Of The Dog-Hunger Strike

    This is my cover version of this song. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  12. Rahi Official

    Any Metallica Fan?? Check out the cover!

  13. Rahi Official

    A Breaking Benjamin Cover!!

    Check out my Breaking Benjamin cover and other videos! :)
  14. ohzana

    Requesting Channel Review? (Geeky Videos, Covers, Makeup Tutorials) Hi guys! In the past I've tried to focus on geek related content because that's more of who I am, but in the past month I've just tried to upload anything I can think of twice a week. (Like did you know the more you upload the higher you come up in the search...
  15. Python Blue

    Camouflage - One Fine Day (Cover Version)

    Finally got around to another sung cover song. All done yesterday after listening to the song for the first time.
  16. MythicalTaco

    Music Need Male/Female Singers For A COD Parody Song Cover

    The only requirement is to have a really good voice, the song will be "R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine" I will do all of the editing and i will send you the lyrics to the song, but i will will need to get to know you first. So i will leave my Skype below. So after that i get to know you, i...
  17. Kian Clifton

    Music Looking to collaborate on cover songs!

    Hey there! I'm looking for fellow YouTube musicians to collaborate with on cover songs/videos! I'm really looking to grow my audience and expand, as well as meet some musician friends whom I can talk with about Music, the industry, YouTube, & more, so I'm going to be posting Bi-Weekly cover...
  18. Python Blue

    But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode Cover)

    Been short on ideas for original music beyond commissioned work, so I made a cover song in which I tried singing. Let me know what you guys think.
  19. GammingPandaMan

    Cover the music, then use it in a video...

    Hey Guys, I was wondering something, maybe someone out here knows what the deal is on that.. I can master a couple of instruments so i was wondering the following... If i cover a song, instrumental, like any song, and put it under one of my video's is it royalty free and do i owe the...
  20. G


    Hi :) A couple of months ago I was set to do a collaboration cover with a youtuber rapper and let's just say that he lost his passion and left me with two unfinished tracks. I am looking for a rapper who his motivated in helping me finish these two tracks. The original plan was to put one cover...
  21. Python Blue

    Harry Potter 1 PC Main Theme (Cover Version)

    Those of you familiar with the old Harry Potter computer games might recognize this theme. If not, it was composed in 2001 by Jeremy Soule before his Elder Scrolls fame. I rearranged to make it sound even older than 2001. XD
  22. NariahArdour

    Suck My Kiss - RHCP - Guitar Cover

    Tried to add a little mini story to my cover and just trying to rock out more. Also fiddled with the EQ a bit so that my guitar track mixed in better with the original song :D Pretty happy with it, but I know I could do more, and faster if I had an assistant. Anyways let me know what you think :D
  23. Bethanyjbee

    Shut Up and Dance - COVER - Walk The Moon

    I really love this song so I thought I'd cover it! I hope I did it justice!