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Hi :) A couple of months ago I was set to do a collaboration cover with a youtuber rapper and let's just say that he lost his passion and left me with two unfinished tracks. I am looking for a rapper who his motivated in helping me finish these two tracks. The original plan was to put one cover on mine and one on their channel and cross-promote. If you don't want any of the tracks on your channel, that is fine with me since I can post them both on my own channel. But if you want the second track on your channel, that is also fine with me as long as you promote my channel and I'll do the same for yours :) Please leave your email down below and I'll check your youtube channels and if i'm interested, I'll message you :) Thank you!
Awesome :) Would you be willing to help me finish my tracks? We could cross promote or I could just post them both on my channel. Which one would you prefer?
Yo Ill help you out bro. I produce, rap, mix and master all my stuff so i can do all that for you aswell
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