1. Mobileidiotgamer


    Okay so long story short, I'm going to be making a video involving a lot of music. The video idea is me finding random rappers or musicians online and just seeing what kind of music I can make with them. I think it'd be really cool and fun for everybody involved. if you're interested, dm me here...
  2. tocsnipezz

    Comedy #music #rap #musicvideo #funny #funnysong #memesong #satire

  3. M

    Music rap music

    merhaba 5-6 yıldır kendi şarkı sözlerimi yazıyorum.beni dinleyip destek olmak isterseniz beklerim bazı beatler bana aittir
  4. R

    Viewing help

    Just looking for real music viewers to check my bros first song, he's just started up looking for feedback aswell if it's possible but most of all just please check it out
  5. NewCubuZi


    Hey guys I just hit 100 views on my second youtube channel XD
  6. V

    Music Underground Artists - Suggestions/Promotions

    Anyone know any good underground artists/producers I can listen to ? Any genre is fine. Also if you make music yourself, link me some of your songs and I'll post them on Vagrant Music (upcoming YT channel) . . . Vagrant Music - Music Promotions
  7. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  8. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For Singers And Or Rappers For a Collaboration Album

    Hello i am a rapper by the name of King Martinez.. i am taking music very seriously and i am on the grind trying to create something great, i am searching for singers and rappers with the same ethic and desire to create. you dont need to be the greatest artist to join, all you need is a mic a pc...
  9. TeeBry

    Post Malone - Better Now (Cover By TeeBry)

  10. B

    Music Looking for singers or rappers to collab with

    I'm Bugsy06 and I'm an average high school producer. I'm looking for singers or rappers to collab with. maybe you could sing or rap over my instrumentals. if you are interested in collabing with me, email me at nateriver228@gmail.com
  11. Gmilk124


    Yo my names Eric Reprid, feel free to use any of my songs in your videos, just credit my soundcloud if you do :) All of my songs are on my youtube channel. You can download the songs off of my soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ericreprid Also I don't have any instrumentals, all of my songs have...


    Hi, Im HHUD123, I post videos and rap music on youtube, i also post the music on soundcloud. I have some songs that i need a singer for the chorus. Let me know if you would be interested and send me some of your vocals.

    Music Looking for rappers to collab with!!!

    Hi im Maxx aka HHUD123, I make comedic and serious rap music for youtube and soundcloud and im looking for other artist to collab with whether you are a vocalist or rapper. Hmu if you are interested and i would be happy to work with you for yours and my channel!
  14. TheDevaShow

    Services Professional Trap Beats (cheap prices, I can recreate any beat!)

    professional trap beats for cheap prices Like the title says, I can recreate / produce any trap style beat. I have a lot of experience with mixing, mastering and producing tracks with FL Studio, and am able to offer my services for a cheap price. - PRICING - (PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY -...
  15. Palooza Pizza

    Yung Adultz- Job Interview (Comedy Rap)

  16. D-Red Beatz Games

    100 Sub Marker For Beat Channel

    Man was it tough though! Switched my page from a gaming channel to just beats after I learned new techniques to making my music better and decided to go all out on uploading beats to my page weekly for 4 months straight i believe...idk lol time flies! but i hope that if i keep this up i will be...
  17. Palooza Pizza

    "Made for Men" The song that asks why???

  18. Palooza Pizza

    Pancakes, H***, Credit Card Fraud (Song)

    If you watch: thank you so much! If you give any feedback: Thank you so much!! If you subscribe: I am legally obligated to love you forever. But, If you don't watch... good move mate
  19. S

    How to take down a youtube channel made from Plagiarism ?

    Hi, I recently came accross a youtube channel that is making Rap songs over music tracks from anime, and movies. youtube.com/user/KEMARL1FAM77/ I wouldn't mind if it was just a way to "remix" these music tracks for free, but not only the remix themselves aren't that much of a piece of work...
  20. TaVRoS Evolve

    Music Can you Rap or sing?

    I want to make a video where different people rap and/or sing over 1 beat I made so I can edit it all into one big project. the beat is 4mins 11seconds long with a 30 second intro. for the rest of the beat I want people to be able to send me the vocals over separately so I can mix. if u don't...
  21. TaVRoS Evolve

    Music Singers and rappers

    I'm looking for some people that are willing to sing and or rap for a project on youtube. looking for people that have a good quality mic and can work well with others. I'm looking for 3 singers and 1 rapper min. if anyone else I feel is good and can be put into the project After the final 4...
  22. Tomc3

    Having a YouTube music channel

    Hello guys ;), A week ago i had an idea to create a new music channel (only English rap music) for YouTube, from the day i created channel i uploaded a new video every day, now i have 9 videos uploaded (0 subscribers ; 158 views), but is it worth it? why don't i get any subscribers? how to...
  23. Monatcer

    Music Free Beats And Music to Use (For Rap Or in Background or .....)

    Hey Guys I Make Hip Hop Beats On My Channel . You Can Check Them Out They Are Free To Use And Please Give Some Support And Let Me Know That You Supported Me Channel Name: MTCBeatz
  24. Z

    Comedy I need somebody to sing a pre-written verse in a rap song


    Comedy Looking for a Collaboration

    Hello, I started a comedy/parody based YouTube channel and I am looking to collaborate. I have done parody rap songs, animation, sketches, etc. I have done all of my own voice acting/script writing and would love to team up with someone to build my page. If you want to look at my page, it's...
  26. HeadBand Gang

    Just released a new rap song

    Hey guys this video was just released if you enjoy then make sure to let us know so we can keep putting music out on this page.
  27. Palooza Pizza

    "Made for Men" -comedy rap song

    Back from hiatus with a topical comedy song. Hope you like it! any feedback is appreciated!
  28. Gmilk124

    Services Free music just credit soundcloud/youtube :)

    You can download everything on my soundcloud, just credit my either my soundcloud or youtube :) -Eric Reprid cant post link so but just look me up on soundcloud or youtube: eric reprid
  29. Crab Lord

    My First Music Video Ever! Come check it out!

    Hey if you're reading this, thanks a lot for takin the time to check out my video. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section. Thanks!
  30. MVNIVC

    Music Looking to collaborate with Hip Hop artists :)

    im looking to make music with hip hop artists get ahold of me if you are interested :) soundcloud.com/maniactracks