Music Can you Rap or sing?

TaVRoS Evolve

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I want to make a video where different people rap and/or sing over 1 beat I made so I can edit it all into one big project. the beat is 4mins 11seconds long with a 30 second intro. for the rest of the beat I want people to be able to send me the vocals over separately so I can mix. if u don't want to show yourself that's fine ill have art up instead. Hope I can get people together to make this project happen! if your interested reply with social media or email so we can talk about it and I can give u the beat.

The beat is emotional type beat so its not jolly and happy but if u can make jolly happy lyrics fit I will still use your vocals ;)
If you know anyone that might be interested Please send them to me

Twitter @RealCynix
if u don't have twitter I can make an account on what ever you have as a way for us to have contact.
Thank you
I rap and am in the process of releasing my own album, i would be very interested in doing this with you just hit me up!