How to take down a youtube channel made from Plagiarism ?


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Hi, I recently came accross a youtube channel that is making Rap songs over music tracks from anime, and movies.

I wouldn't mind if it was just a way to "remix" these music tracks for free, but not only the remix themselves aren't that much of a piece of work, this user is selling both these tracks with his voice and the instrumental version. 1 Euro each on google play music.

Since he's using music tracks that he didn't make himself, the instrumental version is simply and purely the original work with a different name with the "Instrumental" sticked on the end.

Plain and simple plagiarism. To that user it's fine as long as he's making "Remix" on these musics, many users talked with him in the comment section of most of his songs to tell him that it came from another source. And he agrees. He blatantly admit that it comes from another source, sometimes he even tells us which one. To him it's fine because he did a remix.

But even if the fact that he made a remix made it ok to work like that (which I don't think it's true), it doesn't add up when he's selling the instrumental version, which is 100% not his work, but he still sell these tracks as if it was his own work.

Here's a few examples I got to recognize :


(Original Example) Gintama OST 2 : 31 Jinsei wa Belt Conveyor no You

(Plagiarism) Kemarl1fam - Pour L'Honneur (clip officiel)

(Original Example) Bleach Original Soundtrack 4 - Nothing Can Be Explained (instrumental version)

if you go on some of his videos where the music is more than just a few drums sounds repeated, you might see some complain in the comments section pointing the stolen material source.

So my question to you guys is : How to take down a youtube channel made from Plagiarism ?[DOUBLEPOST=1513773672,1513772932][/DOUBLEPOST]PS: None of the links example above are from my channels or videos, I'm just being concerned about the copyright strikes some fans from plagiarised work.
I'm not sure how it works when people remix songs (like if it counts as theirs if they remix it enough)
but you can always report the videos and the channel. get the other people to report it too because just posting comments saying its stolen doesnt really tell youtube that he is stealing content
Moved to the copyright / legal forum. :)

Unless they have stolen YOUR work, there is absolutely nothing you can do. My advice would be to concentrate on your own channel because if you start looking at everything that is going on on other people's channels, you'll waste a lot of time and it will seriously end up driving you crazy. ^^
Yeah I'm not specifically looking for these type of youtube channels but I wanted to do something if I come accross one. Usually these types of channels are a bit more subtle about it, this one wasn't and it irritated me a little. What's more he lives in the same city as I. I felt like maybe I should know more about the subject to maybe do something about it.

Thank you for your time and answers, have a nice day ;)
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