1. aromamob

    Music Looking for collabs

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time and post on this forum. I am a young producer, rapper, and songwriter. I try to make a name in this industry, but it is kinda hard. My youtube channel has loads of beats, (the newest ones are the best) and some songs from my mixtapes that I produced, wrote and...
  2. Olija

    SATAN AND DRAKE!? | ARAYA Gameplay! Part 2

    Hey guys what's going on it's OJ here and I'm back playing this scary game again! Last time on Araya I asked you guys to get the video to 7 likes, and you guys did it so here is the second part! Enjoy and as always like and subscribe if you're new to my channel and turn on post notifications!
  3. Livid

    Music Looking for a song writer to for Rap/Song

    I'm looking for somebody to help create a Geometry based song for school. I get it it sounds really weird and not exactly fun but If we could make a really great song. Im going to direct a Music Video and its gonna turn out really cool and not like all the other Math based songs on Youtube...
  4. KozeOfficial

    Music Hey! I'm a rapper, looking for other rappers and singers

    I'd like to get more features going, I've focused on singles for a while and want to expand and work with artists I haven't yet. hit me up, let's connect, let's work, let's talk. Check out my channel if you'd like, and if you like what you hear, let's do it!
  5. MultiDragon129

    MultiDragon129 | Raps to SUPER MARIO WORLD Illusion Forest

    MultiDragon129 | SMW Rap: Illusion Forest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, back with something alittle different, I had a school...
  6. JuS Savage


    Hi, I'm Justin but you can call me JuS Savage. I produce rap and comedy videos and I am an artist. I'm a teenager so I have a lot to learn but I think my flow is good despite my age. If you're another rapper we could make a rap together, you do one verse, I do another and we could combine it...
  7. HaileySimone

    Hailey Simone - Vertigo [Official Music Video]

    Track 3/4 of my upcoming EP, "In the Air" coming 10/21!
  8. MagesticDragon

    Music Looking for Someone Who Can Compose A Rap Beat For Me~

    So, I'm making an original song, but it's just the composing part that gets me. What I'm looking for in this beat is the use of piano because I mean this song is pretty depressing, but something deep and I hold dear to me. So, if you're interested, let me know! I'm really excited to release an...
  9. Chantellee202

    Recording Software's?

    I need some ideas and inputs on some recording software's. I am fairly new to the whole thing and was wondering if any of you knew of any good, affordable software's for recording music?!
  10. Monolith Music And Games

    Do you like rap? Do you like metal?? Then check out this band!!!

    Fire From the Gods just released their fantastic debut album "Narrative" and you should check out my review!!! Please subscribe if you enjoyed my revuew for more album reviews in the future :)
  11. MagesticDragon


    I'm doing a series, kind of like Epic Rap Battles of History, but with popular Youtubers. I've already wrote the lyrics(still slightly tweaking it), and such. I've also found a beat to use. I would cover it, but I'm girl (not that I can't rap), but the first episode per say has to deal with...
  12. GSmaniamsmart

    Music Female Singer Needed for Stan by Eminem

    So I have done a cover with another person here before, and it turned out fairly well. Today I decided I wanted to do another cover, the song is called Stan by Eminem, and I need a girl to sing Dido's part. I will be recording audio and video for my parts of the song, so it would be awesome if...
  13. Thisizhabib

    Music Down For Any Collab

    Hey ! I'm Just new Here , But Anyway I'm Tryin To Make Some Distance collaborations ! I'm a Producer , Audio Engineer & I Can Do All Stuffs Here ! You Can Check my Work Down And For Inquires Just Mail Me At Hbibzgang@hotmail.com
  14. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Rap

  15. KidCom

    Batman v Superman WORST RAP VERSION!!!

    To celebrate the upcoming 1000 subscribers milestone, I make a rap, and it sounds pretty bad.
  16. G


    Hi :) A couple of months ago I was set to do a collaboration cover with a youtuber rapper and let's just say that he lost his passion and left me with two unfinished tracks. I am looking for a rapper who his motivated in helping me finish these two tracks. The original plan was to put one cover...
  17. Djcoolplays

    Request Need A New Intro (FREE ONLY)

    Hello I would like someone to make me a 3D Intro with a double layer text with name "Djcoolplays" please be a gaming intro with any music like rap, trap, and dubstep. Please use a Shockwave intro if you can. Bye!
  18. TheFreshBiz


    Check out my latest music video trailer #FreshBizFilms Filmed/Edited/Directed by me!
  19. Absol4Prez

    I Reached 100 Subs!!

    I am really hyped for reaching 100 subs on my channel, I am mainly a pokemon gaming channel. I also do reaction videos, such as hip-hop news, and interesting videos I find on the internet or whatever someone sends me. [Edited By Staff] Thanks for reading my thread, have a nice day!