1. Impu1s3

    Services Stunning Thumbnails for Your Channel

    It's no secret to anyone on this forum that a thumbnail plays a BIG role in the number of views on YouTube. I am a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience. recently I decided to start offering services for YouTubers. I offer the following services to your attention - Creating a amazing...
  2. A

    Music You Broke Me First - Tate McRae (cover)

    Hi guys (: check out my cover of this song! I appreciate the support and love xx
  3. pconnordrums

    MY HERO Drum Cover (Taylor Hawkins Version)

    Channel Name: Paul Connor Drums Link to Channel: Hey guys! Just posted my first cover of 2020. I wanted to alter the drums slightly so my cover is based off some videos of Taylor performing the song live. Hope you guys like it!
  4. O

    Jimmy Eat World Cover collab

    Hello all, I'm finally back on YouTube and I am part of Dave Days musician life music course. Here is a cover collab I am in. Very excited for this opportunity.
  5. Strobelite Gaming

    Music Looking for female vocalist for an overwatch parody

    hey all, looking for a female singer to do a cover of crush by Tessa violet. the parody will be based around overwatch and specifically Brigitte. If you are interested please leave a comment and I will send you the instrumental and a version of me singing it for reference. any questions are...
  6. R A Jones

    Music Guitarist in need

    Hello all, Never had much luck with posts on this site previously but I've recently found new motivation to pick up and start playing again! The songs I've mainly been learning are mainly djent/prog metal/metalcore but I'm more than happy to change things up to fit with another musicians style...
  7. Ucanuke2017

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers in Chicago area?

    im a YouTube in the Chicago area looking to meet up and even collaborate with other YouTubers. I specifically teach music on my channel, “U CAN UKE” (80k+ subs), so any YouTubers that play or sing music would be a plus. But I’m here just to connect with other creators. Let’s meet!
  8. MonokuroIDN

    Music Looking for Collaboration Partner for Covering Japanese Song and Others.

    Hey, We're running youtube Channel that mainly covering Japanese Music, not limited to Anime Song. We'd like to find collaboration partner to boost our channel, because we're just started for about a year but we felt hopeless on our channel progress. :( If you are interested in collaborating...
  9. TeeBry

    Post Malone - Better Now (Cover By TeeBry)

  10. Koji Kobura

    Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS (MPK Cover) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S cover using FL Studio 12 and MPK Mini
  11. Curiosity Ridge

    Josh Turner: Your man cover

    Hey folks! Check out my new Cover song! Country is super popular where I live so I wanted to give it a try! If you like what you see dont forget to drop a like and sub as well as comment what song you'd like to see next!
  12. Diversified Unison

    Our Best Work So Far!

    Share your thoughts! :D
  13. Jack Swish


    D12 song called my band is covered one evening by Jack Swish acoustic and live of a song Eminem and his band did. This was the first time Jack had ever seen the lyrics and he just freestyled the song in his own style. "Changing a song completely is what covers are about" - Jack Swish (2015)...
  14. Rose Smith

    Music singing Collab,

    Hey, im Rose and I have I singing channel where I post covers and original songs :) I have just started my channel this year and am trying really hard to grow it:biggrin: I was wondering if anyone would want to collab or shoutout each other channels or even just help each other grow! So we could...
  15. Diversified Unison

    Sam Smith Cover

  16. Rose Smith

    Music Singing cover collab

    Heyo, I'm Rose!:p Im 14 and I have just started youtube this year:) Im a singer-songwriter and also do covers on youtube! Im looked for someone to collab with on a cover. So like we both do the same song or like a song from the same artist and give a shoutout to each other:blush: Email me if you...
  17. Diversified Unison

    Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran (New Version)

    We finally released one of the most awaited project. Let us know what do you think about it! :)
  18. Courtney Candice

    Dying my skin green while singing all star by smash mouth

    Lol I look a lot like shrek in this video.
  19. Diversified Unison

    Stone Sour

    What do you guys think about this cover?
  20. Diversified Unison

    How to play on your guitar!

    Hey guys here is the full tutorial for Only Exception by Paramore. I shared how they actually played and also shared how I played in our latest cover and changed the idea. Check it out!! :D
  21. M

    Music Music Parodies

    I own A animal/Gaming channel and would love to do some song parodies problem is I can't seem to write out song parodies..... If you play around with some music and make some dog (or cat) parody lyrics let me know and I will check them out and probably sing them.... Form Your youtube (link so...
  22. Diversified Unison

    Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers

    Share this song with with your love ones. Also lets remember those who we loved and lost.
  23. Diversified Unison

    What Could We Do Different?

    Hello all really need your honest review on our latest video. We recently release our new video which we are calling "The Larger Project". It is actually the most successful video so far. It has always been our plan that we will do live covers and between them we will do videos like this. Here...
  24. Diversified Unison


    We are proud to present our new video. Check it out and make sure to share and leave your comment...Let us know your thoughts.
  25. Diversified Unison

    Have you heard this song before?? Thoughts??

    Hey Everyone...... Check out our cover of "Boys Like You"... Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you for checking it out..
  26. HeidiVids

    Request Looking for music!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for indie/acoustic/pop songs to use for my outro. I will give you credit in the description. I thought instead of using my standard vlog music over and over, I could give some exposure to smaller artists. Email me at if you are interested!
  27. I

    Music Cover musician/singer

    hello :) I'm looking for a musician/singer to do a collaboration on a song :) it can be any song and we can discuss the details! and if you want we can do one for my channel and one for yours. I play guitar/piano/violin and I sing so there's a lot of possibilities! and I mostly do...
  28. Rahi Official

    OMG I can sing???

    Finally facing my nightmare of singing in public. Hope I did good!! What do you guys think? :D
  29. Ostil

    Music Looking for Violinist for Piano/Violin Collab!

    Hi music makers! I'm looking for a violinist who can help me out with a cover I'm trying to finish. I'm a pianist that usually does unique video game covers. You can check out my channel to see my style and collabs I've done with other talented internet people. The song I need help with is...
  30. M. B. Harkins

    Music Steven Universe Cover???

    Hiya! I have a big (short film / cover) project of sorts coming up, involving Steven Universe, and I'm going to be needing help from a few singers! As of now, I'll be needing one male singer and one female singer. I'm taking auditions through a voice acting site! Please leave your Twitter (if...