Need Suggestions: Copyrights VS Song covers


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I am making a few plans for my Youtube channel. Writing down a bunch of ideas, brainstorming. You know. Then it occurred to me, if I wanted to make a few covers of songs, I can't do so without getting in trouble for copyright issues right?

I went to take a look at a few channels that mostly do this (or only do covers) and they seem to use their own instrumental tracks, this does seem to allow them to upload. BUT. I do not know enough people who know how to play an instrument to help me with that. And some songs require very specific instruments that seem hard to find...and I know no one who owns them. I'm wondering if I should simply scratch off this idea, which would be a shame because I had plans for videos to honor some of my favorite artists (music and movies alike) and I would hate to have to throw those concepts away. I wanted to create videos to show my appreciation for the original creator's work in my own way, but this seems like a rather complex process if I want to do this right. Is there a legit and affordable way to get an instrumental track for specific songs?
Or should I just go out there and make friends. Hahaha
I am not sure if i understood right. Isn,t out there specific software to make instrumental or backtracks without any "real" instuments or people playing them if i say it right?
Hiya DM. Music has the strongest copyright enforcement. Its madness to assess what to do by way of what others are doing. Use the youtube guidance.. its all there for you. Don't listen to interpretation of the rules by anyone else as it doesn't change whats written in law and in youtube policy etc. You safest bet is to use the tracks made available to you by youtube in the youtube creator studio.