How can I attract more attention/subs to my Music Channel?


I've Got It
I'm really having a hard time wording this but I'll try my best.

I started my channel about 9 months ago, and have what I think is good views and subs for it considering it's a music/cover channel. But, one of my videos is the main source of my views - I have a cover of Sins of the Father from Metal Gear Solid V on there that's almost reached 500 views in three months. What I'm wondering is, what exactly sets that video a part from my other songs on my channel, and how can I get those sorts of numbers for my other songs? All of the videos have the same format of just a picture and my cover so I guess I'm like, baffled as to why Sins of the Father has so many views and only a few others barely reach 100.

Is there even anyway to translate this viewership to other videos? I guess what I'm asking is how to I get more channel attention, and how can I make my videos, and channel more interesting. Should I try posting other content as well that's also music related?

Thanks in advance for any advice :)