Music Play any instruments? I'd like to collab with you!

Emily Pruna

Loving YTtalk
Hi There YTtalk! I would like to start adding covers to my Youtube channel. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl but I don’t know how to play any instruments. So I thought instead of doing all a cappella songs I would take this opportunity to collaborate with other Youtubers!

I’m looking for anyone who can play any instrument (piano, guitar, ukulele ect). I was thinking that you could record yourself playing the song and send me the file. I am willing to take care of mixing my singing and everything together.

You will (of course) get full credit and links to your channel as well as a shout out. I intend to film music videos and if you live with traveling distance I am willing to make the music video with you in it if you would like (I live in Souther New Jersey).

Feel free to email me at if you are interested and we can discuss what songs well will do. I look forward to your message! :)