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  1. T

    Content-ID Check Tool?

    Hello. I remember years ago when that German late-night talker "Böhmermann" insulted Erdogan, I immediately got a strike after a private upload of the poem. Real blockings by the German Public TV are actually not common. A responsible person...
  2. S

    YouTube network stealing millions of dollars from record labels and songwriters

    SuperBam, Inc. is exploiting a loophole to receive 50% of the revenue on unlicensed lyric videos, taking away duly owned money from songwriters and record labels. This violates YouTube’s circumventing monetisation policy. The total viewcount of the content they are claiming is in the BILLIONS...
  3. S

    MCN Partnership / CMS Access

    Hello, we have exclusive rights to over 100+ artists and we would like to join a MCN that allows us to use CMS features. We need to be able to control our content, block, monetize, issue take downs if necessary. Which Network offers these features? how can someone get access to these features...
  4. UKHypnotist

    Spring Copyright Claim-Hunt Season Begins Early!

    Spring isn't here yet; however the annual Spring Copyright Claim Hunt has already begun! For those of you who are new to the forum or are unfamiliar with this yearly post series, every Spring brings out the Content Management Companies to begin their annual hunt for videos they don't own, yet...
  5. L

    Real Youtube channel considered fake and suspended

    Hi everyone, The company I work in had a fan Youtube channel created years ago and a few months ago we started a channel of our own to promote our website. Our channel which is the real one was regarded as the fake one and got suspended. We tried contacting youtube support and they are not...
  6. H

    How so many channels uploading copyright content

    Every time i upload a video and each time different form other someone claim it. thats okay but the problem is why only me there are lots of people who uploading copyrights even complete movies and they monetizing also. so please guys if anyone knows and wanna help please help me and please...
  7. Tarek 47

    Can i use others youtubers Gmv or Amv in my video ?

    I was uploading another YouTubers Gmv and Amv and translate them to another language and I give the credits to them in my description but I was wondering if this is legal or I should tell the owners that I take their video and use it and if I don't tell them can youtube delete or ban my...
  8. S

    Content ID Abuser???

    Hello, there is a party who works with BelieveDigital (Believe A.) network and he keeps abusing the content id system, he blocks every single upload and monetizes it on his own behalf and acts on behalf of every artist. All the content are in public domain and they're from Iran which is not even...
  9. UKHypnotist

    It's That Time Of Year Again, Folks!

    The YouTube "Late Spring Copyright Claim Profit Hunt Season 2017" has officially begun, and I herewith give notice: If you monetize YouTube videos and have single video content which has in excess of 2k lifetime views, your videos may become targets for this type of CID claimant. Here is how...
  10. Richard the Espeon

    Bandai Channel is blocking my video WORLDWIDE (halp)

    I recently tried uploading a video to YouTube. It was the English opening to Neon Genesis Evangelion (with English credits and theme). The English version of A Cruel Angel's Thesis was fan-made and the English version of the show was from MyAnimeStream (which is why it had its watermark). When I...
  11. UKHypnotist

    Comic Relief...

    I'm sitting at my computer alternately going through light anger spasms, and laughter spasms. This morning when I logged onto the email account for my main YouTube channel, I found the email represented by the attached screen shot. Now anyone who has been on this forum as long as I have and...
  12. FraYoshi

    Content ID: how to make our one?

    I have a friend that has uploaded his first original song.. He'd like to revenue share with other YouTubers via Content ID.. Anybody know how to do that? I seached the web and found out AdRev.. It shares an 80% revenue and scans the tube for track utilization.. Experiences about? alternatives? =]
  13. ggdeeofficial

    React video to my old videos? can i monetize?

    hey guys! hope you are doing well. I just need a little advice/clarity on this subject. I would like to do a react to my old videos back in 2009. so ofcourse there is copyright music in the background and I cant monetize it. but i've been seejng a lot of react videos on KPOP and am wondering...
  14. The Humming Boy

    Help! Copyright claimed by a random company?

    First of all pardon me for my total ignorance as I'm completely new here (in fact I've decided to join this wonderful forum to get help on this issue). I made a cover on the song "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber in Feb 2016. However just yesterday a company named ONErpm decided to claim...
  15. O

    Copyright Explained on YouTube (YouTube Pays A License)

    I just got done talking to an intellectual property lawyer who specializes in copyright law over as He told me that YouTube pays a license to allow cover songs and sound recordings and you follow the policy given by YouTube you are are legally allowed to upload copyrighted...
  16. O

    YouTubes official blog says we have permission to upload copyrighted content

    YouTubes creator blog posted recently that record labels have a license agreement allowing content to stay up via content ID claims.Read what I attached.
  17. Thulium

    Someone stole my music on YouTube and is selling it online.

    Hello everybody, Since many years I am happily monetising my videos on YouTube, most of them are my personal piano performances of famous piano pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc. Since the beginning of this month, I got some copyright claims from a company named EmpireDi, which...
  18. AuthorFilms Studios

    Video claimed FOR NO REASON!!

    CD Baby is back at it again, with the claims and strikes. So, I uploaded a video today (scheduled for tomorrow at 8PM) that had the song "Joakim Karud - Love Mode" in it. As some of you may be aware, ALL his songs are licensed with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Royalty Free with...
  19. Rails2Revolution

    Help With Rejected Content ID Disputes

    Hey all, hope everything is well. I've been having multiple content ID disputes rejected in the past few months for using royalty free music purchased by networks (from back in the day when I had higher regard for MCN's). Has anyone else had experience with these problems? Problem is when...
  20. That BioMechanical Dude

    Alert the government about the Fair Use issue!

    OK, some of you may know that we can alert the U.S. government to look into the whole copyright claim bulls**t that has been going on. But we have only 14 Hours left! We might have a chance at actually starting to fix YouTube and end the companies'...
  21. O


    This website just struck a deal with Apple Music. It will let non licensed remixes be available on Apple Music. I read about it. Dubset uses an algorithm to detect sounds in a remix and pays the artists labels and publishers. Sounds lots like YouTube. Copyright owners can block...
  22. bikash

    Does any one know about United Clips Network?

    Does any one know about United Clips? i got copyright claims from this united clips but dont know what is this? network or channel . searched almost every day but no records found about this. they are making almost every day copyright claims. i think this is a scam some one making so if any one...
  23. Shehzad

    Why I Hate Content ID! - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys in this commentary I will be giving my thoughts on Content ID, why it is an extremely abusive and bad system. And why I think YouTube/Google should have made changes years ago because they somehow want no part in dealing with fair use so Content ID is their way of being an a**.

    Is this protected under fair use? I think it is!

    Hi, my name is SYKODRUMMER and I make drum covers of famous songs. Before I put my channel back up, this channel was deleted out of anger because of this story: One day I decided to make a drum cover of adventure of a lifetime by coldplay. A few hours after the video was put up the audio was...
  25. JayManOurMusicBox

    Copyright Info You Need To Know ... after 20+ years in the biz.

    So as per the title, I've been in the music business for over 20 years. Both in the traditional music business and digital online world as well. I am stating these credentials as I see from the sticky above that we should avoid giving advice about copyright if we aren't well verse with it...
  26. P

    Content ID. How to grant someone rights to use copyrighted music?

    Hello YouTube professionals, first off, I am not very familiar with the Content ID System. I have done a lot of research but I still have a few questions, thought maybe you guys could help me out. How do I grant a YouTuber the rigths to Use a song, or multiple songs that I have added to the...