Real Youtube channel considered fake and suspended


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Sep 25, 2017
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Hi everyone,

The company I work in had a fan Youtube channel created years ago and a few months ago we started a channel of our own to promote our website. Our channel which is the real one was regarded as the fake one and got suspended.

We tried contacting youtube support and they are not responding at all and this is only dragging and not getting fixed.

I would appreciate if anyone can help us in this.

Thank you!


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Sep 7, 2017
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You might want to talk to a copyright lawyer. The website is your property so people who make videos based on your property should get permission.

They don't necessarily need to get it if the use of their videos falls within fair use. Fair use looks at 4 primary factors when deeming if a video should be considered fair use.

Since the purpose of their channel somehow gets the official website channel suspended, I'd say that factor would go in your favor. I'm not a copyright lawyer though.

It also effects the market of your original work since your channel got suspended due to the creation of their channel. The owner of the site should be the most invested in selling their own products so I'd say this factor is in your favor as well.

I'd say you hit Youtube and the fan channel up with a cease and desist order. Seriously find out where the Youtube headquarters are and mail them a cease & desist order if they wouldn't respond to your efforts at digital communication.

Youtube is just a platform. They can't supersede law. If Youtube wouldn't take you seriously then you need to take legal action against the fan channel.

But I'm just an opinionated film maker. Seriously go talk to a lawyer or at the very least a paralegal.
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