Content ID. How to grant someone rights to use copyrighted music?


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Hello YouTube professionals,
first off, I am not very familiar with the Content ID System.
I have done a lot of research but I still have a few questions, thought maybe you guys could help me out.

How do I grant a YouTuber the rigths to Use a song, or multiple songs that I have added to the content ID system (to be recognized and monetized) without him or her having to refrain from monetizing their video?

In other words; I want to earn money from my music on YouTube, however I want certain YouTubers to be able to use it "for free" (or without having to disable monetisation), and without having to go through copyright claims, content id matches, or other things that put their channel at risk etc etc etc.

I believe I read somewhere that you can send a physical letter with signature to a YouTuber granting them rights to use the music. However their video would still be recognized by the content id system, and the video or channel could be compromised temporarily because the system believes that the YouTuber is guilty of copyright infringement. Is that correct?

So how should I handle this?
Thanks in advance!