1. M

    Other How can I sell my videos rights to other channels

    Hi, I have seen many youtuber selling their videos non-exclusive rights on to different publishers. I need to know can I sell my videos non-exclusive rights to other channels and publishers from Facebook?
  2. B

    Trouble if you don't specify the author and if you specify their nickname

    I was told that if I want to monetize content on YouTube I should clearly specify the author of the writing of each video in the description. Of course I would credit the author if it was someone other than me but I find it a bit much to credit my self for a 9 minute YT video. What about the...
  3. GooberVlogs

    Someone Used My video!!!!!!

    I was on Facebook when a friend Tagged me in a random beauty video and said what are you doing in this facebook ad lol I checked it out and wow Someone used my video :eeks: The video I did awhile ago I was using a Biore blackhead nose strip review for the first time and I got a lot of views...
  4. FuriousBabo

    Copyrights in games

    What do you do when you get copyrights strikes? Some games, like Life Is Strange, are full of copyrighted stuff! Do you keep the video, mute that part or is there other way to "fight" it?
  5. J

    Copyright Question

    Hi guys! I'm just new here in YTtalk, I have a question regarding Copyrights, what if someone uploads a short clip of their gaming video and I download it without telling them. The downloaded video is added to my video hightlights. But in my video description, I add their names as a Credits to...
  6. priincesseevee

    Is talking about anime, TV shows, video games illegal?

    Is talking about something like Pokemon for example illegal? Like if I make a video talking about or mentioning a series or something copyrighted, would my videos get taken down? And would it be the same if I included an image from it in my video?
  7. TopFelya

    Does Youtube protects up loaders videos and takes Copyrights issues seriously ?

    I've reported hundreds of videos( Mig-29 takeoff) which were re uploaded without my permission . Now some of the videos were reinstalled by YouTube and some of them got more then 3 million views and people still making money on them. Ive invested the money and time to produce my videos. And it...
  8. I

    Copyright strike by youtube user for an "idea"

    He reported me to youtube for stealing videos. But i make all my videos, thumbnails, descriptions. I make gameplay videos on video games, this guy too. I asked why he reported me for stealing videos because it's wrong. He said this: "Copy someone else's idea is consider as stealing." I have a...
  9. skepticalvoid

    Music to use and wont get copyrighted

    hey! I've been in your shoes and wanted to know what kind of music to use and not get copyrighted. there is a YouTube channel called NCS(no copyright sound) they have really good music. most of the times people use their music for gaming. you can also use YouTube's free royalty music. i hoped i...
  10. kluless

    Is Using Trailers Fair Use? How to Credit

    Hey, guys, I have a gaming channel, and I wanted to do a comparison between the first in a series (Dishonored) and its sequel (Dishonored 2). I think using the trailer of the second game, Dishonored 2, in my video would fall under the Fair Use policy because it makes sense that I need it to make...
  11. GooberVlogs

    30 seconds of any song???

    wazzzup yttalkers =) So I use the free music that youtube let's you use but I know some channels have good songs and they still monetize videos with songs we all know without any copyright issues.. are channels with like 100k have somtjhing special where they can use songs or just small...
  12. Omeo

    Copyright Claims Under YouTube Red

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone know how the new YouTube Red system changes the rules as far as using copyrighted material? My understanding was that, under the old system, you could use copyrighted material, but if you did, you couldn't monetize the video or the person who owned the copyright...
  13. P

    Content ID. How to grant someone rights to use copyrighted music?

    Hello YouTube professionals, first off, I am not very familiar with the Content ID System. I have done a lot of research but I still have a few questions, thought maybe you guys could help me out. How do I grant a YouTuber the rigths to Use a song, or multiple songs that I have added to the...