1. G

    Commenting strategy for singer/musician

    I am a musician/singer and I am trying to build my following as well as get more views of my music videos. I do understand that by getting involved in the community you can drive traffic back to your channel and videos. Problem is, I am not sure how to do this without sounding spammy. For...
  2. lindseyhazel

    Duplicate Comments when Commenting

    Ever since the new UI on YouTube when I go to comment on someone's video it leaves a duplicate comment and then I have to delete one. I use Chrome, has this happened to anyone else or do you know how to avoid this? It's VERY annoying and makes me feel like this...
  3. SeanFace101

    I cant comment on videos?

    Anyone have any suggestions on what the problem with my account maybe that I cant comment on YouTube videos? that's both my own videos and other peoples videos. :P It definitely isn't a ban or anything like that because I don't really comment on videos that much and i don't comment around on...
  4. S

    Permanently Marked as a Spammer?

    So I started a channel a month ago and spent a lot of time making videos, they were getting no exposure at all, until a few days ago i realized commenting on peoples videos gets a lot more exposure. I didn't comment anything like "check out my channel", all I did was comment "Great video, you...
  5. SeanFace101

    How do i pin a comment on a video?

    How do I pin a comment to the top of the comment list on my videos? and can it be any comment? or one of mine / not one of mine only?
  6. SeanFace101

    What does the little Heart do for video comments?

    I noticed just there that video comments now have a little heart button aswell as the like and dislike ones. What does the little Heart do for video comments?
  7. Adelle

    Commenting on Even Smaller YouTubers' Videos?

    I have seen a lot of people who just go to a video with a small youtuber on it, comment on it and hope that the person will respond friendly enough so they can get a new subscriber. Does this tactic really work?? I was thinking of trying this one day, but I really just CAN'T do that to someone...
  8. FamilyToyReview

    How to Comment

    This post is for the channels in this forum who ive seen comment on a lot of videos. I receive a lot of comments that end up in the "likely spam" folder. There are some channels who use commenting as a form of marketing or networking. If their comment ends up in the spam folder, I think that...
  9. SeanFace101

    What are "Linked Comments" on my videos?

    What does it mean when it says "Linked Comment" next to some of my comments on my videos that my viewers have made?
  10. SeanFace101

    Do you allow comments on your video with/without approval first?

    Do you allow your viewers to comment on your videos without needing you to approve the comments first before other people can see them? or Do you just allow the comments to be shown straight away as soon as they have been made?
  11. SeanFace101

    What is Community Contributions in Advanced Video Settings?

    What e does happens if I choose to enable the "Community Contributions" setting when I edit one of my videos in the Advanced Settings? Does this mean any viewer of my video on YouTube can add text and stuff to my video?