1. A

    Gaming im a new youtuber looking for a calab with a decent youtuber

    i play apex contact me on insta Adamedany54
  2. The Tightwad Homesteader

    Voice Acting Scottish (or British) German Female Assents

    My dogs a Collie and 2 German Shepherds will be in a lot of my vids and those little comment bubbles are boring, it would be nice to have some voice overs in some videos once in a while.
  3. R

    Vlog Midlands UK vlogger, 3k subs, looking for collabs! (Motorbikes, Cars, fun stuff!)

    Hi All, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone local-ish is up for collaborating on some youtube videos and some photography for channel art/Instagram etc, really want to step up my game and take YT a bit more seriously but its hard out here lol. As said in title, my channel is mostly...
  4. iRyan

    Gaming Looking for Loyal Committed YouTubers for Yogscast Style Channel.

    We're looking for a (possibly multiple) committed experienced high quality gaming youtuber to be the final puzzle piece of our YouTube channel Pop! Pop! Pop is a fun multiplayer gaming channel starting 23rd July 2018. The Pop Podcast is a fun laidback podcast hosted by me (Ryan) and Tom the...
  5. iRyan

    Other [old] POP! YT Group - Looking for active, dedicated quality creators of all content varieties.

    We are looking for dedicated content creators of any size who are willing to commit to joining our up oncoming YouTube Group which we are building from the ground up. More information will be disclosed upon your joining of the group. We are looking for hardworking people who are comfortable with...
  6. Thomas O'Neill

    Gaming POP! Creative Group

    We are looking for dedicated content creators of any size who are willing to commit to joining our up oncoming YouTube Group which we are building from the ground up. More information will be disclosed upon your joining of the group. We are looking for hardworking people who are comfortable...
  7. Mr Danny

    How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

    Have you ever wanted to improve yourself? You really should, you disgust me. Well this is just the video to watch to do so! It's great: it's informative, there's a plant in it, some bad advice and a stare-down. What else do you want?!
  8. KaiCantYodel

    Merry Christmas guys, Would love some Feedback on my channel?...

    Hi Guys hope you're all having a good run up to christmas, i make comedy "rant" videos and currently working on a run of new material for the new year, but would love to know what your "creator" opinions are on the content i'm producing... Would love to hear opinions on how i could engage my...
  9. OC_YT


  10. OC_YT


  11. AbeAdams1

    Meet Up/Gathering British YouTuber travels the US - Looking for Collabs or MeetUps

    Hey guys, My name is Abraham, I am 20 year old active British youtuber. I am over in the US for a few weeks on holiday till about mid September on the east coast (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia) Besides my general adventures I also want to do a lot of videos for my...
  12. MadJack

    Gaming Looking for some collaboration! [PC Only]

    Hello All, So I'm currently looking for YouTubers to collaborate with and also become friends with too. This is will be a great opportunity to help other small creators like myself and be motivated to edit and also upload more as well. Here are some things you must have before we can collab...
  13. P

    Video and channel to be reviewed (Unoriginal UK gaming channel for a bit of fun)

    "People are dying in the world, and here we are playing video games." We have a new video I'd love for anyone to review. We've taken a lot of feedback from the last one including a shorter intro, less pauses, music in background and overall better content. Please leave any feedback you'd like...
  14. AncientEmma

    Trying Different Foods!

    I made a Playlist for videos about trying different food and drinks. I really like making these, and I have plans for many more! Check it out, if you want. I'm pretty proud of them :)
  15. Mr Danny

    Spring Things

    Such a cute title for such a dumb, literal, heartbreaking video. The ironies of life.
  16. Mr Danny

    Interviewing Randy The Plant

    Have you ever wondered what plants think? Then click on this video! (Not that you'll get an answer, I would just like it if you clicked. And subscribe, since you're at it. Am I being too needy?)
  17. isaacdmann

    Meet Up/Gathering Any English Youtubers?

    HEY! :D Im isaac, im a new british youtuber living in Spain and would love to collab! Id also like to set up a group chat somewhere with an diverse group of friends to all improve together an have fun along the way! If anyone is interested please message :)
  18. Mr Danny

    Horoscopes - Divine Danny

    LET ME TELL YOU YOUR FUTURE! 100% ACCURATE HOROSCOPE READINGS! THIS IS NOT A PARODY OR COMEDY VIDEO. Although if it was, it would be funny. Funny enough that you should check it out.
  19. Mr Danny


    Clickbaits are weird and wonderful and stupid and funny. So let's take a look at some of the best clickbaits ever made (by me so they're not that great but whatever)
  20. darkstarmedia

    Useless Coffee Facts!

    Coffee has a history as rich as its taste, plus some interesting stories behind it as well! Be sure to like this video if you like it and subscribe for new useless trivia delivered straight to your eyeballs every single week!
  21. Becky Keegan

    British Stereotypes

    Britain, the land of the Queen, beautiful countrysides, incredible castles, and horrendously bad teeth? Today we take a look at some British stereotypes, and why most of them are incredibly inaccurate.
  22. Mr Danny

    Leap Day Celebrations!

    I LOVE LEAP DAY! AND SO SHOULD YOU! So here's a list of things you can do on such a cool day. They're completely real and appropiate. Trust me.
  23. Mr Danny

    Shipping Ships - The Game Show

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, let's ship ships together! (WARNING: it's pretty dumb)
  24. Mr Danny

    Pancake Art! Lots of them and completely "original"

    Look, pancakes have always been pretty cool, but now, they've reached a new level of cool. ULTRA COOL. Yep, that's right. Check it ou! :)
  25. darkstarmedia

    Useless Banana Facts!

    What started off as a joke turned into a petition which turned into a video. Enjoy becoming experts on fruit, you big nerds.
  26. TheBritishAsian

    Vlog let's work together :3

    SO! my name is Nico, I'm a college student in london and i do Daily vlogs on my personal channel TheBritishAsian except for weekends cause i like naps :3 im a very weird and spontaneous person ( i don't even know what i'm doing half the time ) I'm a media production student and i love meeting...
  27. MorphMackenzie

    Vlog Looking for a Collab?

    So my channel is quite small and I want to grow it, I am looking to help get out there and looking to help with other YouTubers on their channel and have them help me with a video or two? If you want to know more let me know and we can exchange idea's Morph
  28. TheKirkyLife

    British Saviour of The Commonwealth (Fallout 4: ALL VIDEOS ONE THREAD)

    There are certainly a lot of Fallout 4 Let's Plays going on right now but I hope you check out mine too! I'm aiming to be the British saviour of these people and you can see the introduction to the story here!
  29. FantasticFreakingGaming

    Black ops 3 Zombies bonus DLC map first attempt!

    Hey there guys and gals! Unbelievably excited to be uploading this video of Black ops 3 zombies i've been waiting for so long I might even cry ;) But seriously Have a looky at my first attempt on the map "The Giant" and see what you think. If you enjoy the video then show some love and you will...
  30. darkstarmedia

    Common English Mistakes!

    I think we've established by now that I'm very passionate about my words, and my Facebook News Feed is no exception to my scrutiny! Watch my latest video and see if you're guilty of any of these common mistakes!