1. TheKirkyLife

    Gaming PS4 Rocket League, Battlefront

    Hi all! So as I'nearing the subscriber barrier I feel it's a good time for me to expand my horizons by collabing with fellow YouTubers! So, here's what I have to offer: - I am a PlayStation 4 player with Rocket League and Star Wars: Battlefront being the main games I want to collab in - I'm...
  2. TheKirkyLife

    Rocket League: Path To Platinum #9

    We're onto Episode 9 of the Path To Platinum in Rocket League and I suddenly lose the ability to speak and discover Sugar Jesus. How? Find out below!
  3. darkstarmedia

    British Phrases & Slang!

    Have you ever wondered how long a "donkey's year" is? Or maybe who Bob is and why he's your uncle? And why does everything we say seem to revolve around tea? I hear you. That's why I've made a video explaining some quintessentially British phrases, which you can view right here: Let me know...