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The Real James T. Kirk
Hi all!

So as I'nearing the subscriber barrier I feel it's a good time for me to expand my horizons by collabing with fellow YouTubers! So, here's what I have to offer:

- I am a PlayStation 4 player with Rocket League and Star Wars: Battlefront being the main games I want to collab in
- I'm pretty flexible when it comes to times of meeting up
- I am open to the idea of buying new games to collab for (depends on channel)
- I love to have fun and am very easy to get along with!

All I ask for is that channels who are interested have around 150 subscribers - I'm not intimidated nor worried about how far above those 150 subscribers you may be but obviously we are looking to have fun and help each other in a substantial way!

If you are at all interested then hit me up over PM on here, my channel or Twitter and we can discuss further and if you want to learn a bit about my style of videos then please feel free to check out my channel anyway in my signature!
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