Merry Christmas guys, Would love some Feedback on my channel?...

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Hi Guys hope you're all having a good run up to christmas, i make comedy "rant" videos and currently working on a run of new material for the new year, but would love to know what your "creator" opinions are on the content i'm producing...

Would love to hear opinions on how i could engage my audience more? and thoughts on quality throughout.

Hope you all have a brilliant christmas and enjoy what im creating. Thanks guys

Good video! If there's one nitpick I have it's I'm not a huge fan of the jump cuts that cut to each individual word it's kinda disorienting. Other than that, it was very entertaining!
Yeah, I'm fine with jumpcuts but it would help if you could at least finish one sentence in a cut. Otherwise just do as you were, just post every day and hope for the breaktrough