1. Altairsfriend

    What a good channel needs.

    What are some good branding techniques and tools that you use for your growing channel? Any tips for a channel in its infancy?
  2. Divergence

    Services Professional logos at budget prices [Edited with link]

    Hi folks, Now I don't work for these guys, but they are doing my logo and if you know these YouTubers Ali-A, Nadeshot etc they made their logos and brands and they also make websites, motion intros and banners. I just thought I'd give them a shout out on here as they are working on my new logo...
  3. MistyEmma

    Some Advice Please...?

    Hello... I've been doing YouTube for about 9 months now, but recently I've decided to change the direction of the channel to do more covers and music videos and rebrand. The question is, should I private my old videos (they have a fair amount of views, but they are tutorials and reviews and...
  4. PrattyG

    Hows my channel branding look? | Don't mention low resolution banner, working on it now.

    Been wondering about my channel art for a while, did it myself and looking for some feedback.
  5. Divergence

    Branding design /creative grenade

    I'm by no means sponsored by them, but a lot of big YouTubers have had great designs by them. Ali-a / Nadeshot for example. I'm getting my logo and banner done by them but they also do motion graphics and websites as well!! Give them a budget and they work to that. Highly recommended, I'll post...
  6. Eastern Bar Athletics

    How is our Branding?

    Im curious as to what you all think of our branding. As a graphic design major I feel as though I have created a unique enough logo but of course I have my own bias. What do you guys think of how it functions on the channel page? Im planning on changing the banner photo in the coming weeks as I...
  7. NekroBaer

    Services Full Branding Kit: Youtube / Facebook / Twitter

    Hey there! You obviously need a branding kit for your social media channels! Luckily, I will offer you my service for that. The things you get for ordering: - Facebook Cover Image - Youtube One Header / Avatar Picture / Thumbnail -Twitter Background You can tell me your favourite colours and...
  8. F

    Services Affordable and high quality Youtube thumbnails and channel art!

    Hello everybody! FelsiopDesigns here, looking to work with some more clients hopefully in the near future! I do all sorts of different Youtube stuff, including thumbnails, logos, banners, outros and in-video stuff! Prices are: Thumbnail: 50p Banner: 3£ Logo:3£ Outro:2£ If you need anything, let...
  9. TheDragonking564

    Unsure What I Should Do to Effectively Brand Myself...

    Hey Guys, Recently, I have been looking at my channel and have been unsure if the way I am branding my channel on the main page and in general has been effective or conveys the channel I run. I run a gaming/review channel where I play Anime and Horror Games, and review Anime. However...
  10. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Avatar/Banner needed

    Hi all my names Divergence. Now I got a banner and avatar of my own deigned by myself, as I dabble with Photoshop now and again. But I'm no graphic designer, so I feel my logo is a bit simple at the moment. I want a similar design but something that screams diverse a little more as that's what...
  11. RyanBoyer

    Real Brutal Thoughts on My Channel Page? Branding Wise? :D

    Just wanted to see if people actually liked my art work or maybe what they would change if they had any ideas! :P Thanks!
  12. Pdeanna

    Obsessed with Branding

    I love making end cards, youtube banners or business cards. It's so much fun to find something that fits you or your channel. Building the set is a little harder though that fits. I've been thinking about set design and how it applies to branding. My channel will be mostly lifestyle and...
  13. YourKingSkeletor

    Can I get some feedback on my latest video?

    Just posted a Bloodborne Let's Play episode where I fight Rom in NG+. I used a stream so I didn't get cut off then downloaded it from twitch and edited it. There are a few moments where it is blurry for a few seconds despite being recorded in 1080p, likely due to a few moments of weak internet...
  14. ggdeeofficial

    Should I re-upload old content?

    So I have this dilemma here where I have two channels. One old channel that i made in the past focused on a particle video game and my "new" channel, the one I have right now with a more broader variety of games. I want to move videos from my old channel to my new one and maybe rebrand some of...
  15. Mirandapanda

    Channel review/ branding feedback appreciated!

    Hi there! Some of you might have seen me around the past few days, but I'm new to YTTalk. Everyone's been so helpful with one another that I was wondering if someone could check out the changes I've made and give me a little feedback. My channel's fairly new but is starting to gain a little...
  16. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Seeking an intro/outro designer!

    Hi guys, I'm a small channel looking to grow as a Let's player. I'm seeking out a designer for a into and possible logo re-design. Please drop me a message via my advertised email! Oh btw I'm willing to comission as well, depending on rate!
  17. LRwF

    How is our brand?

    Hello! Iv been looking at ways to improve our channel recently (I have had a lot of spare time which is unusual). I was hoping for some advice and feedback about the look of our channel, if it is attention grabbing or not, so we can improve. We have also been umming and erring about changing our...
  18. VoidTranceYT

    D.I.Y Branding and Design & Why it is important...

    Hey Guys basically for my channel art and banners and social CTA's I made myself from the ground up, in my opinion i do believe that making your own channel art is super important, Why: 1) It has been created by you and you can make it anything you want 2) You don't have to spend money to get...
  19. Jorpheus

    Subscribers outside of friends?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else struggles to get subscribers outside of friends or people you know? Or does anyone have any tips on how to get your content to a larger audience? Much apprecriated
  20. Yuu30sec

    [Art Channel Review]Brandings and quality of contents.

    Hi everyone. I created YouTube Channel with my wife about artists some months ago. The concept is sharing artist creativity and behind their works. Audience could be some people who loves art or beautiful things. We started from local artist in Toronto, Canada where we live and update every...
  21. RoxelGraphics

    Services Affordable/Conditionally Free Graphics

    Hello, looking to sell just about anything related to YouTube branding (can do anything bar animated intros). Prices Overview (Free if you average 700 views an upload, but will be watermarked) YouTube/Twitch/Twitter Banner $6 Multi-Banner* +$1 Icon...
  22. nyah sky

    How to make a watermark in the corner of your video?!?!

    So I created a watermark for my videos but i can't get rid of the background. How do I create it to where just my Nyah Sky logo shows up and not the grey background??
  23. itsonbtv

    Are End Cards Still Needed?

    YouTube is constantly evolving and end cards have been a great way of getting people to subscribe and click over to another specific video, but with the newer feature CARDS, it makes it easier and works on mobile unlike the end cards we have to make ourselves and then add annotations to them...
  24. darkstarmedia

    Banner Help, Pretty Please!

    Hey, guys! So, I recently updated my avatar and I'm really happy with it but now my banner doesn't match and I'd like to update it. I'm a bit rubbish at things like this, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what my new banner could be? For reference, I'm an educational comedy...
  25. Maffew

    How Important are Channel Trailers?

    After seeing a few channel trailers, some very good, some not so, I was wondering how important or beneficial they are? More specifically, has anyone noticed a positive change (likes, subs, etc) once they put a channel trailer up? I've been meaning to make a channel trailer, and I will...
  26. A


    Hey guys. How's it going? I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a logo or a banner for your YouTube channel I will make it for you. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I'm just a nice person. But anyway all you really need to do is to tell me what you would like it...

    Need help making thumbs? - Have my PSD (Photoshop Help.)

    Hey All, A little while ago I commented on a thread where someone was asking for some Photoshop help, mainly about making thumbs. I use Photoshop EVERYDAY its a great tool and I strongly recommend you get in and try it out. Adobe makes it very affordable these days to use their programs and...
  28. W

    Review my new video

    Here is the link to watch my newest video. I was hoping that some of you can watch it and let me know what to improve on and what I'm doing right and I guess just overall what you think of myvideo and my channel. Thank you guys and I'd love to hear from you either in this thread or in the video...
  29. Caitlin Rose

    Not comfortable using my last name :/

    I'm not really comfortable using my last name on YT (which is what I've been doing.) I rather use my given name (Caitlin Rose) but there is already a popular youtuber with that name, so it's a bit of a conundrum. I am trying to think of a username but have trouble coming up with something that I...
  30. PansGaming

    Would like opinions on my branding/channel

    Hey guys! Just wondering if I could get an opinion on my channel art and branding. Would appreciate any feedback I get and criticism is appreciated if it's constructive. Specifically looking for opinions on the logo, channel banner, intro and channel trailer. Thanks in advance, PansGaming