1. CorrosiveLick

    is there anyway to make insane brandings for your channel?

    hello, this is corrosivelick and i am really interested in finding out how to make my own custom branding for my channel that will really wow my viewers and give my community a more positive outlook on my channel.
  2. Boseen

    Feedback Channel branding & SEO

    So i've been trying to regular upload to youtube. However I want to know what I could improve on my SEO and channel branding, so my content could be better found on YouTube and look more appealing. I'm getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera, so I want to see on which other...
  3. Juliana Sabo

    Channel Trailer/Branding Feedback

    Hey everyone, I know branding is a really important aspect of a successful YouTube channel. I've tried to "brand" my channel and content, but lately I've been wondering if perhaps I need an update. If you could please check out my channel and trailer, and leave any feedback or advice, that...
  4. XaeolGraphics

    Services Affordable, Attractive Art and Branding For All!

    One of the most important parts of a youtube channel is its branding. Regardless of how good a video is, it won't go anywhere if nobody clicks it! And that's where I come in. I have been consistently creating art for years now and consider myself as quite skilled at it. I'm quite creative with...
  5. Sammi

    Is there a way to change url?

    In middle school I chose cupcake4ever123 as my url and was unaware that I'd never be able to change it. I am regretting it a lot as you can imagine so I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to change their youtube url.
  6. Frostt316

    Im trying to start my YT back up and I'm trying to get advice on Branding PLS Help

    Hello I am a very small youtuber who took a large amount of time off and was seeking advice on somethings I should do to help promote and brand my channel for when I start back up again, If any of you are willing to help me that'd be awesome!
  7. T

    Custom URL - No videos, Little activity.

    Does anyone know of a way that Youtube may consider releasing the handle? The Youtube custom URL I'm looking at currently has zero videos uploaded. The activity is incredibly sparse, with a video ''liked'' a month ago, then a year ago, then 3 years before that. Do you think if I hit the 100...
  8. T

    I have a few questions about Videomaking and Speculations/Rumors

    I was wondering if a few of you may have the answer I'm looking for. So I was looking to create a tech channel. As many of you know, with games, tech, or anything really, it's fun to speculate. It's often a huge talking point surrounding any sort of product people are looking forward to. As a...
  9. DrMikeD

    Having serious branding/name challenges

    Long story short, my Bobby and I have always wanted to make youtube channels. He started his channel and got pretty lucky and grow very quickly. He then decided he wanted to make videos with me and change from daily vlogs to a challenge/world record breaking competition channel with me. So the...
  10. H

    Advice for branding and building my channel

    I've just been reading up on advise for branding and building my channel, but any specific advise would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Love and life! X
  11. MechaJake

    Intro or No Intro - Please help me determine!

    Hey Everyone, I know how a lot of you feel about intros. It seems most people agree that you should either not use them, or if you are going to then it should be super quick and well made / unique. I'm hoping mine falls into the latter category since I worked really hard on it and had hoped...
  12. Lucy81272892

    Request Payed help with Branding

    Hi Guys, Willing to pay for someone who is good at making a YT Banner and Channel Icon.....looking for something that has my daughters image but in a cartoon format......thanks so much :)
  13. Rachel Stewart

    Services EXTREMELY Cheap High Quality GFX Designer Taking Orders!!

    Hey guy I'm a high quality social media branding designer if you like my work here are some ways to contact me Facebook - graphics name (Pm me) Skype - HighfiveTV just message me and i will get back asap :) My Work below you can get these designs below or costume made designs ( no templates used)
  14. FatherofTwo

    Thumbnail Poll - Review my Channel

    FatherofTwo here, So I was hoping to get some idea how my channel looks. Does my brand come across, FatherofTwo the wolf of many hats? (each thumbnail he gets dressed up in a genre appropriate costume.) Are my intro and outro long enough? can you easily read everything? could I add anything...
  15. MechaJake

    Looking for Channel / Branding Feedback

    Hey everyone, If anyone has the time, I'm looking for some channel and branding feedback! I'm looking for feedback on things like the banner, user image, thumbnails, and video intro :) You can find my channel here. And I'll put a link...
  16. Ascriva

    New Video Branding ideas

    Im planning on uploading a new video and im trying to figure out the best way to get the video to get out there for the world to see. i just want some ideas of free or paid branding methods. Any ideas are good ideas.
  17. Johnny Kag

    I re-designed my channel!

    So, my sister and I are now working on our new upload schedule and we just finished our first week running it! I re-designed everything on our channel, I created 4 new logos, 3 for our weekly shows and 1 for our channel, I made the intros, an outro and the banner! (Also got new lighting, but is...
  18. Altairsfriend

    How do you differentiate yourself from the masses?

    Im curious! This is a massive market with countless channels. How do you try to stand out? For us it's seyeing my Girlfriend's reaction to great games from the present and the past, at the same time we showcase the chemistry we have with each other. It's something that I think is unique. What...
  19. P

    Can I disable annotations/watermark from showing on one upload?

    But still be visible on the rest of my videos. Basically is there anyway for this particular video to have annotations automatically disabled for the audience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  20. AM2PM

    Does the channel name matter? Should I change mine?

    Someone on another forum suggested that we change our channel name. AM2PM is our initials and we like the concept of day to night. This guy said it didn't connect with him emotionally and he suggested The Monaghan Twins, or Monaghan Brothers or Twin Versus Twin etc. I personally don't think it...
  21. A

    Review my channel please! - Anonymoose

    Hey guys, I'm Anonymoose and I've recently started a new channel for entertainment and facts about various different things that you may have not known. Obviously I have started out by creating videos about YouTubers beause it is not as oversaturated as countdown videos for random things, and...
  22. M

    Does My Channel Look Professional?

    Dear all, I just downloaded Photoshop again and decided to recreate my channel design and I was wondering if my channel banner/avatar look professional with my thumbnails. Would you be more inclined to sub? Do they complement my thumbnails? Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CELLUS
  23. I

    I need tips on branding

    and I need some tips on branding
  24. AM2PM

    Subscribe watermark doesn't seem to work

    Hey guys, I have a subscribe watermark on my channel and it sort of works. When I mouse over it something pops up. But I don't see the subscribe button. I just had a thought that I might not see it because I am me and not some other person who isn't the owner of the video. Or it's broken. Does...
  25. N

    Help with youtube channel

    Hello everyone,I'm new to this forum but have been reading a lot,I decided to register and ask for help,because I don't understand one thing,I have created a youtube channel and that's how it looks An this is how pewdipie's channel looks(for example) So here's where I need your help...
  26. ShawnMcCallum

    Post Your Channel Trailer Here!

    This thread is for everyone with a channel trailer (30-60 sec) to share. We can all view and provide feedback on each others trailers seen through our channel links. I'm hoping its a quick and fun way way to get new subs and discover other awesome youtube channels. My first trailer is below...
  27. ShawnMcCallum

    Channel Design Overhall

    I was hoping to get some feedback on my channel design. Graphics. Intros. Etc. What you think I could do to improve my design? Who designed your graphics? Does anybody know how to add playlists directly under "videos" on mobile. Without clicking to another tab. I've seen it on some channels...
  28. Wallz

    Request I need help creating a logo..

    So, I wanted to make my channel branding look really good but the problem is i cant think of a logo. I see that other people already have really nice logos and I'm thinking that It's maybe the reason why they all have more subscribers than me. Also If you could help me with improving my branding...
  29. Y

    Need channel name ideas related programming

    Hi, I need a channel name ideas, the channel is about programming, the name must have something related to Pirates because I already make the Intro and it has a big Pirate flag, Please something unique and original, I at first named it PiratesHuntingBugs but some friends didn't like that idea. I...
  30. M

    Trying to come up with a username?

    Hey guys! So, here's my dilemma: I'm new to YouTube. Very new, actually. As you can see, I don't even have one video uploaded yet, but that will change in a few days! Anyway, as excited as I am to be posting my first vid, I'm still trying to decide on a channel name/username.. Right now, it's...