Is there a way to change url?


In middle school I chose cupcake4ever123 as my url and was unaware that I'd never be able to change it. I am regretting it a lot as you can imagine so I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to change their youtube url.
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I believe that the /c/ is the latest URL to have, so I don't think you can get another one without some sort of special request. It might be worth it to send a message to YouTube, but I would imagine they get a lot of those requests and may not grant them.
Can't change legacy URL (/user/) but if you regret your first choice for the custom (/c/) URL - contact YouTube support explaining your situation (and why you want to) and they'll change it once. They changed mine and some let's players' at least. ;-)
If you contact YouTube support they may be able to change your URL for you as I have done it before BUT It wont change your channel name just the URL that people find you on :)
Hope this helps
I don't think its that bad of a channel name tbh with you xD In fact it's a good channel name, in general, it's memorable and no ones using it apparently o.o But yeah email support if you really want to change it. I'd keep it though. :D
According to YouTube, channels are offered a chance to register a custom URL when they hit 100 subs. I'm currently at 50 and I registered my url long before the new system was introduced. Do I still get a shot at registering another URL for my channel?