[Art Channel Review]Brandings and quality of contents.


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Hi everyone.
I created YouTube Channel with my wife about artists some months ago. The concept is sharing artist creativity and behind their works. Audience could be some people who loves art or beautiful things.
We started from local artist in Toronto, Canada where we live and update every Wednesday so basically, two of us (video part is mostly my wife) find artists to film, film them, edit video, post on YouTube and SEO for each video every week. More we have contents, gets more visitors slowly.

Channel link is here:
FILMARTIST Productions

It looks so far so good but I want to improve if there is any chance.
So I want to ask is:

(In general)
  • Is video quality good?(audio, images, editing, intro, outro)
  • Is SEO nothing wrong?(keywords, descriptions, title etc)
  • Does whole branding make sense?(icon/channel art)
  • Is there anything we can improve in terms of branding?
  • Should I use subtitle even contents don't have much talking?

(If you love art)
  • Do you enjoy our contents?
  • What would you like to watch in this kind of channel?

(Actually, I'd like to know is)
  • How can get more views and subscribers!?

Any kind of suggestion, review, critiques, are welcome.

Thank you!