1. A


    ARE YOU LOOSING CONFIDENCE IN YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL GROWTH? HERE WE HELP Hey, I am Andrew, That Helping many peoples to do Their Youtube Channel Growth with Free of Cost... BUDDY STRATEGY
  2. MattDB


    Looking for vloggers in Vancouver and surrounding area to meetup and shoot a collaboration video, msg me or email me. m.db @ me. com
  3. B

    Vlog I would like to collaborate The channel was created a few days ago. I have a stock of videos for the future. The channel is actively promoting on...
  4. Matthew Lissoway

    Imade a 2 min grocery rocket ship

    Haha, My little baby girl is in the rocket ship in this video!:bounce: Her first time ever going to TNT supermarket:cloud9:!!!! Check it out u guys it's only 2min!
  5. buzzcuts

    6 Surprisingly Scary Horror Cartoons & Kids Shows

  6. buzzcuts

    8 Bizarre Kids Shows from Canada

  7. ucandp

    Comedy Western NY or Ontario?

    Any Western New Yorkers that aren't to far from the border or Canadian side up to Toronto to collab? I have a comedy channel with 191 subscribers and a vlog channel with 23 subscribers. Either one! Working together as a community is how a lot of big Youtubers made it. Let's collab!
  8. Adventure Campitelli

    A Hockey Story

    I made this hockey movie of my Son's Atom hockey team. It's more a story than just showing them play hockey, I thought that would be more interesting. Let me know what you think. I usually do vlogs and travel videos so this one was hard for me.
  9. Adventure Campitelli

    Color in my Video

    I'm trying to get better at adjusting the colors in my travel videos. Tell me what you think of the color in my latest video. Does it have too much green? Should I of left it alone?
  10. MrAndrewFitzy

    Vlog Toronto GTA Area

    looking to collaborate with some vloggers in the GTA / Toronto area if your interested let me know.
  11. Dismal Bliss

    Touring Casa Loma in Toronto Canada

  12. Dismal Bliss

    Tasty candy that's not available in the USA

    Crystal and Akemi head back to Ohio with some unique Canadian delicacies. Why don't we have them here in the USA???
  13. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto - Ripley's Aquarium & The Top of the CN Tower Skyscraper

    Join the BDRC at
  14. Dismal Bliss

    Facing a Fear of Heights - 1500 feet up with only ONE WAY down :O

  15. Jacquesvh

    From Cape Town to Canada (Vlog 085)

    We flew back from Cape Town to Canada and I recap on our short adventure with the family. Let me know in the comments what you think.
  16. Dismal Bliss

    Grizzly Bear Plays Ball and it's SO CUTE!

  17. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto Riverdale Farms & Royal Ontario Museum

    The adventure begins! I wish I was there with them :-) SUBSCRIBE:
  18. Dismal Bliss

    Exploring Toronto

    The adventure begins! I wish I was there with them :-) SUBSCRIBE:
  19. Dismal Bliss


  20. arienettewolfe

    Vlog Saskatchewan anyone? (based in Saskatoon)

    hey there must be more Sask based youtubers making vlogs, please leave a comment here so I can find you <3 even if this is a year old.. so long as it isn't locked or something I suppose :p Also hello, nice to meet you <3
  21. BrinoVlogs

    Vlog Canada, Markham Collab?

    So yeah the title says it all, I'm basically looking for some new youtube friends because I need more people to collab with and create more content with, so why not find some new friends :)
  22. benoftheweek

    Canada Is Bad

    Here are is my (probably unpopular) opinion on the country of your neighbours up north!
  23. MattDB

    Instagram Post Your Instagram!

    Hello my friendly instagramers! Post your link below! I will start first! If you add me, Ill add you back! Click Below: Instagram : @MattDelVideos Hope to see you !! Ohh and don't forget to let me know if you added me!!
  24. Roots_97

    LifeAsRoots...presenting "VISIONS."

    Hey guys!! For those of you who don't know me I'm a 19 year old living in a small city in Canada who enjoys making videos. I've made several YouTube channels in the past but this is my first solo channel so it's been really exciting! I've had this channel for almost a year now and I came to...
  25. P

    Vlog Vancouver Helicopter Vlogger

    Hi, My name is Mischa, I run a helicopter company near Vancouver British Columbia up in Canada. I am looking for Vloggers to collab with. I have a weekly vlog showing people about the adventures and life of a helicopter pilot. I would be interested in taking you on either a free helicopter...
  26. aplsos

    Vlog My First Vlog to 400 people (help)

    I Have a channel that all ready has almost 400 subs and i want to start vloging because it seems fun and because i can make vlogs a lot more often I Have no idea if the vlog is good or not though. I personaly think its entertaining and hilarious gold but im kind of biased Please watch the...
  27. BrinoVlogs

    FINALLY 300 SUBS :))

    I finally reached that 300 after awhile, next goal 400 :) Help me out, or even check out my channel and give me some feedback, i would really appreciate it :) "BrinoVlogs"
  28. BrinoVlogs

    Vlog Collab? Canada?

    Hey fellow vloggers, looking for some help on vlogging and trying to learn from others. If interested send me a message to maybe collaborate. If not can you guys still give me some feedback on my channel because It is a start up channel, still need alot of improvement "BrinoVlogs"
  29. ShawnMcCallum

    Canada's Caribbean

    Canada has a Caribbean, and it's called Tobermory, Ontario. If you liked this video and want to see new adventures every week. Please Subscribe. (I'm only 25 away from my summer goal). Thanks! Also check out our Costa Rica Video, it's a beaut!
  30. Sarah Kellysen

    Comedy Looking For Any Drag Queen Youtubers/Actors/Actresses Preferably From Calgary, Canada For Show

    Dear Youtube Community, I am Sarah a drag queen myself who is wanting to create a youtube comedy show about these three drag queens in their 20s that live together in the gaybourhood's of California and go out into the world as everyday drag queens experiencing life. This is a show to show the...