Canada Is Bad

Hi there Ben. I enjoyed your video. I think you might have the wrong idea about what Americans think about Canada though. Most Americans don't think of Canada in terms of politics. Heck most Americans don't know anything about our own country and politics. 80% of Americans spend more time researching their next smartphone purchase then who they are going to vote for. But no, when Americans think of Canada, they think of snow, moose, mountains and people that walk around saying Aye, after every sentence. LOL! Heck, I even started saying Aye when I lived up in the NWT.

Let me help you understand a few things. A little politics, 101. First, a Province and a State are not almost the same thing. They are radically different. I am going to ask you a series of questions that will undo some of the wrong thinking you have. Answer each question out loud so you can hear the words.

1. What is the name of your country? CANADA
2. What is the name of the country on the southern border of the USA? MEXICO
3. What is the name of the country that Queen Elizabeth is from? ENGLAND
4. What is the name of the country with which the US fought the Cold War?................If you said, RUSSIA. You are wrong. It is a trick question. We fought the Cold War with the USSR, Which stands for the United Soviet Socialist Republic. Where is the USSR today? I broke up. The USSR was made up of a group of Soviet States. When it broke up, those States returned back to being their own sovereign Nations.

Now what is the name of the country on the southern border of of Canada? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You see, Canada is a name. Mexico is a name. England is a name. The United States of America, is not a name, it is a description. You see my friend, The United States of America, is not a country. I will repeat that, just in case you missed it. The United States of America, is NOT A COUNTRY. It is a UNION of 50 Autonomous States. Contrary to what you and most Americans believe, it is not even a true democracy. By design and definition, it is a "Unionized Constitutional Republic".

You see my, you live in the country of Canada, which is a Federalist Democracy. In your country, there are no States with autonomous right to self government. Your whole country is run by the Federal Government which is based in Ontario. You know that thing were complaining? How Ontario is thing only thing that matters in Canada? Well now you know why. This is why Canada is divided into Provinces or Regions if you like. It is because Canada is a country that is ruled completely by a single Federal Government.

The USA on the other hand is not a Country, it is a Union of 50 States, in which each State has autonomy from the Federal Government and the right to self rule. Essentially, the USA is like 50 independent countries that have agreed to work together and the purpose of the Federal Government is to make sure everyone lives up to this agreement. It might help you to understand better if you think of the European Union. In the US, the Federal government is not the Highest authority. The Highest authority is the Constitution of the United States of America. It is because of this, that I said that USA is not a true democracy. In a true democracy, the will of the majority is the highest authority. In the USA, 100% of the people could agree on something, but if it does not agree with the Constitution, it cannot happen.

This will also help you understand why Donald Trump won the election, even though Hillary got more votes. It is because the USA is a Union and not a Country like Canada. In the USA, each State must have Equal Representation in the Federal Government. If the USA were to go with a strictly popular vote, like Canada, the Presidency would be decided by one State, California. Like Ontario, California has the highest population density of any other State in the Union, so we would end up with the same situation Canada has with Ontario. Politicians could pretty much ignore the rest of the Union and just focus on California, and maybe New York (Our Quebec). To prevent this from happening, the founding fathers established a thing called, the Electoral College. The purpose of the Electoral College is to insure that all of the States of a say in who becomes President, not just the most populated States.

Hopefully, this will help you understand better. It would take several large books for me to explain this all in detail to you, but this should be enough to give you the basic grasp of the idea. The sad part is, 90% of Americans do not even know or understand that they are living in a Unionized Constitutional Republic. Like you, they think they are living in a Federalist Democracy. This is why most of them walk around so confused most of the time about what is going on in our Union, which they expect to be working like a Country.

As far as the Confederate flag goes, it also known as the "Rebel Flag". In modern times it has become a symbol of rebellion against authority. In simple terms, people who display it (not me) are making a statement, saying that they are not happy with their government; kind of like how you made a video to make statement that "Canada is Bad", because you don't like the way your government works.
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