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  1. K

    Reached 3000 views - hobbyartycrafty

    Hello Friends , Happy to share reached 3000 overall views on my channel hobbyartycrafty.
  2. Syndia

    Other Art / Artist YouTuber Collab

    I make art related videos. I have a small YouTube channel of about 2000 subs. I’d like to do a collab video with another YouTuber Artist to help grow each other’s channels.
  3. mekaylaray21

    Other looking for art channels

    im a new youtuber looking for other art related channels to collab with. good to have firealpaca/photoshop/medibang. any socialmmedia to contact each other. Will tell skype adn discord when replied to, thanks
  4. olimueller

    Art Tutorial plus Marvel fanart speedpainting too long?

    Hi i made my second voice over tutorial video about hoe to blend copic markers and added a marvel fanart speedpaint of doctor strange. My question is, is it plausible, sped up to fast or ok and understandable? Any thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated! Thank you.
  5. OSHStudios

    How to ink your drawings

    Hey i used a lot of time on this video please watch it and leave a like :)
  6. Jadine

    Sketchtober is coming up and I have no ideas

    Sketchtober for those of you who don't know is where some artists do a sort of challenge during the month of October where they draw something every day for that month. You don't need a theme but I would like to try it out with a theme in mind. I just have no Idea what to do. I've thought about...
  7. Jadine

    50 Subs!

    I can't believe that I have 50 subscribers! I know its not many but its a start for sure!
  8. KQ4rt

    New painting and music!!!

    Hey guys! I have been so busy with uni lately (literally had 1 hour sleep for a few days :confused:) but I finally managed to finish another speed painting video! This painting is inspired by Vexento's amazing music. I listened to his music while painting this and decided to put that as my...
  9. Kervin Noel

    My Digital Art Channel

    Hey everyone. My name is Kervin. I run a digital art channel where I usually post speeddesigns of digital art I design for my clients. I've recently decided to start doing more digital art and drawings, I hope to make a lot more videos and I hope to improve my skills a lot more. So i'm...
  10. nia draws

    Hi Speedpainters!! :)

    First of all I'm so excited to see an Art forum here! I don't know if it was newly created or if I just missed it, but I'm super excited to hopefully meet other YT artists on here!! It's sort of difficult to find a place in the art community of youtube. Right now I'm finishing up a 30 day art...
  11. EmmanuelJolly

    Other Art Collaborations!

    My name is Emmanuel and i run an Art YouTube channel. I make ''How To Draw'' videos and i was looking for people that upload similar content to mine. I'm looking for people to collaborate with, if you don't upload ''How To Draw'' videos but your content is Art related, i would still be very...
  12. KQ4rt

    My Art Channel

    Hey guys come check out my channel and I appreciate all feedback I can have please :) I do digital painting on Photoshop. Using OBS to record and Premiere to edit :) Have a good day!
  13. M

    Other Any Artist out there or talented YouTuber lets collab!

    I'm looking for someone to collab with be it an artist or anyone talent
  14. Verre

    50 subs!

    have been fairly inactive on my youtube these last few months due to stress at my full time job, BUT I do keep a active instagram so I'm pretty sure that is where most of my traffic is coming from. Anyway I checked out my page today and realized I have just reached 50 subs! Yay! Im thinking I...
  15. C

    Other Looking for speedart collab!

    Hi guys! My name is comicsist and I have an art and speedart channel. I have around 15 subs and would really want to grow through collaboration. I personally think it would be really fun. I do digital art. I don't have a theme decided, but it would be really fun if we did something like Captain...
  16. RewashedGfx

    Services Selling High Quality Youtube Channel Graphics

    Template I have always been into graphics art doing it unprofessionally for about 4 and a half years now, and I want to share my content with the world, and see where that leads into. I will produce high-end art for more-reasonable prices at the moment. I can do 2D Abstract Art Which can start...
  17. Yuu30sec

    [Art Channel Review]Brandings and quality of contents.

    Hi everyone. I created YouTube Channel with my wife about artists some months ago. The concept is sharing artist creativity and behind their works. Audience could be some people who loves art or beautiful things. We started from local artist in Toronto, Canada where we live and update every...
  18. nia draws

    Request Looking for a cute intro for my channel!

    Hi I'm Nia Draws, and I'm an artist who draws cute cartoons!! I've been having trouble creating an intro since most templates I find blare dubstep music and do that heartbeat thing. I would like to have a really cute and simple 3-6 second intro that features my channel name and logo! As far as...