How to make a watermark in the corner of your video?!?!

nyah sky

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So I created a watermark for my videos but i can't get rid of the background. How do I create it to where just my Nyah Sky logo shows up and not the grey background??
If you created it in Photoshop, remove the background (Until you see the grid) and save it as a .PNG and use that.

It should work ^^
I know how to create one, I said I already have one. I just don't know how to make one without a background... You can look at one of my videos to see what I mean. Is there a way to get rid of that without having photoshop.
if it is on a different layer in whatever tool you are using, get rid of the base layer (it may have one which usually is defaulted to a white background) then save the image as a .png as that can save transparency.
Also if you need to use free editing software, there is GIMP and you can also google search for free photo editing for your browser.
If youv got your image, a transparent background but still rendering out with a grey/white background then you need to save the image as PNG 24.

This will keep the transparency and not auto insert the white/grey background.
Create a logo, place it on a transparent background, save as png. Then, in your video editing software overlay your logo with the video. You should be able to move it around on the video with the crop tool.