1. Impu1s3

    Services Stunning Thumbnails for Your Channel

    It's no secret to anyone on this forum that a thumbnail plays a BIG role in the number of views on YouTube. I am a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience. recently I decided to start offering services for YouTubers. I offer the following services to your attention - Creating a amazing...
  2. cloudy_puff

    Services £5 YouTube Banners/Thumbnails (First 3 Commissions Free)

    Hi there, I am an animation student with 6+ years of experience in graphics design. I took a break from designing for a while and I am looking to build up my portfolio and refresh my skills. I am willing to give away 3 free commissions in order to create more examples of my work. In the past...
  3. cloudy_puff

    £5 YouTube Banners/Thumbnails (First 3 Commissions Free)

    Hi there, I am an animation student with 6+ years of experience in graphics design. I took a break from designing for a while and I am looking to build up my portfolio and refresh my skills. I am willing to give away 3 free commissions in order to create more examples of my work. In the...
  4. Yegz Designs

    Services CHANNEL ART (Logo, Banner,Thumbnails)

    Hello and welcome to Yegz Designs! Here I design various types of art for your channels such as Thumbnails, Logos, and Banners. Down below I have attached some of my work so be sure to check it out if you want a preview of my work. I am eager to work with you, so feel free to email me...
  5. Nickydegamer

    Services (FREE) Banners and Thumbnails

    I made Banners and Thumbnails for free. I do this because I enjoy making them and I just wanna be nice. This is NOT something that I make a thumbnail for you for free and that you then have to pay, you never have to pay. Interested? my discord: Nickydegamer#4146
  6. Edwindesign

    Services Cheap High Quality Banners / Thumbnails (*****)5 stars RATED

    Hello guys, I'm Edwin, a 21 years old graphic designer from Romania, I am here to deliver the best quality to everyone who is looking to get a job done by me. I can do a great looking banner for your channel, or any type of clickbait thumbnail!My prices are really affordable: -3 Youtube...
  7. ImNutty

    I need help from a graphic designer for a Banner

    Hey everyone! To be short, sweet, and simple: My name is Nutty, I obviously make youtube videos, and feel like it's time for an upgrade. A friend of mine drew my logo a few months back, and I don't plan on changing it, I think it fits my channel and me to a T. BUT I need a new banner, here is...
  8. HussainHilali

    Services Excellent Bespoke Branding, Tailor Made For You!

    About me I'm a freelance graphics designer with over 5 years of experience that focuses on creating minimal, timeless branding tailored to the needs of my client. Unlike other sellers, I'm a solo designer, I handle each project personally, and put my full effort into every piece of work I...
  9. C

    Request Channel art and intro

    Hello I’m looking to start YouTube properly, I’ve had my Channel years now but content has always been poor and the art isn’t great, hopeing someone or a few people can help me, I’d like all the art you need for a channel, logo, banner, background, I’d like a unique intro to my channel and if...
  10. Quinx

    Advice on Banner, thumbnails, and Logo

    Hi guys, Quinx here, I had trouble with designing my banner, thanks to these apps on android: adobe ps touch, and Pixel lab, I manage to create some ugly banner and Logo, although my color combination sucks, and.... Here I am seeking some advice from you my fellow youtubers, I would also...
  11. cloudy_puff

    Services Free Graphics - Building Up Folio

    Hi there, I am looking to build up a new portfolio of graphics and I need some requests. I can do some thumbnails, banners, basic logos etc. I'm thinking more storytime/beauty/blogging/lifestyle/hack channels. You don't even have to use it. Just looking for some practice :)
  12. F-undament

    Services CHEAP - YouTube banner, thumbnail and profile picture service!

    Portfolio (more previous work incoming)
  13. LCGaming

    Request New Banner

    Hello everyone, currently we are trying to redesign our YouTube channel banner. We were hoping that we could get some ideas from you guy on how we could switch it up and improve it. I will attach our current banner to this thread just so you guys see kind of the look we are going for. If you...
  14. LCGaming

    Any Advice On How To Improve???

    Hey everyone we were wondering if you could take the time out of your day to just give our channel a look and give us any pointers an such on what we could do to improve our channel and or content. We know that our channel will not grow over night, but we are just trying to see what we can do...
  15. M

    Where to Make Channel Art

    So everybody, I found this awesome website called if you want to make channel banners easily just use that site because it's super simple and intuitive. let me know what you guys think!
  16. JazzChicken87

    Request YT Banner

    **update** Ive had my own attempt which I somewhat like but could be better. Attached are the images I used. The character is trapped in a place filled with tvs so I went with that. I like the glitch image of myself as the character so I would like to keep that if possible. Do what you like with...
  17. Stoner Gamer

    Services FREE banner, FREE logo

    I'm willing to make a free banner or/and logo. I've design all my own banners and logos There will be no charge if your willing to put a link to my channel. We might be able to work out something else just give me a shout. Here is some of my work
  18. Stoner Gamer

    Services Free Banner or Paid Banner

    Im a pretty decent amateur designer. I can make you banner for £5-£10. I'll also consider doing one for a channel link. HERES MY BANNER
  19. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  20. F

    Request Need New banner plus icon (free)_

    Hello, i am a small youtuber and imm not very good with making banners or icons so i would like to get one from anyone out there my channel is called fexen and i usally post brawlhalla videos(gaming) this would also double up as my icon in a group yt channel im in and would all together help me...
  21. Tamika

    Services YouTube Banners & Thumbnails (Free or Pay What You Want)

    Hello! I make custom YouTube channel art/banners and thumbnails for free or you can pay like a $1 if you want xP up to you!! PM or comment below for contact info! Examples:
  22. CA_Media

    Services CA Media - Channel Revamps, Logos, Banners & Profiles!

  23. StonerYT

    Services YouTube Channel Art

    Hey fellows! I'm creating this post to tell you guys that just started/have recent YouTube channels that if you want a nice channel art, I'm available to make it for cheap prices (depends on what you want) since I want to make my portfolio bigger. I can make logos/banners/sub...
  24. ObsessedHD

    Request Looking for Banner & Into! Read desc

    Helloo everyone Im looking for a soild youtube banner and youtube intro, looking for something for free but in return giving a shot out in all my youtube desc and also putting you on my youtube list on my channel! If anyone can help me out, leave a comment or tweet me @HdObsessed on twitter...
  25. U

    Services FREE BANNERS FAST!!! *Limited Time Only*

    Hi everyone! So I want to improve my banner making skills and I really enjoy making them!! Also this is for a limited time so please comment FAST!! Requirements: -Color Scheme -Any specific characters you want? -Special style in mind? -Or tell me what you are looking for!! -CHANNEL NAME
  26. M

    Services Thumbnail's and Banners For a Shoutout

    FREE GFX FOR SHOUTOUT Hey guys Im basically doing thumbnails for a shoutout. I can do some very good thumbnails for your channel or instagram/twitter. I can also do intro's and outro's but for that I would be charging $0.25 for each into/outro and if its something very hard then the most I would...
  27. RatchYT

    Gaming Looking for a collab with someone with 50+ subs

    Hi. My name is Villads and i have a youtube channel with 60+ subs and i am looking for a person to collab with. I can offer a youtube banner or a logo for a collab. Hit me up on skype: villads.nedergaard On my youtube channel i do editing and i will start doing tutorials.
  28. DocTheDuck

    Request Need Youtube banner and logo ( Free or Flexible Price)

    I'm looking for a custom high quality banner and logo for YouTube. Since my channel name is doctheduck maybe the logo could revolve around a duck? or just a D it's really up to you. I'm looking for a cartoonish/bright colored logo and banner. Depending on how much I like it we can discuss...
  29. Saartjeexx

    I can't upload a new banner....

    Heyy, I wanted to upload a new banner because I changed my channel name. But Youtube said that I need to use a PNG, JPG or GIF file. So I tried different pictures that worked before and I even downloaded a random picture from google and they all refused to work. Youtube keeps saying the same...
  30. GameGabe

    Services YouTube Thumbnails and Banners to Fund my Content

    To fund Content on my Channel I've decided to offer my services here. What can I do? Thumbnails Channel Art Channel Banner Outro Cards Cost of Thumbnails is 1€ per thumbnail. Cost for Outro Card is 1€. Channel Art or Channel Banner is 10€. Payment via PayPal. Contact: