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Jun 27, 2019
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About me

I'm a freelance graphics designer with over 5 years of experience that focuses on creating minimal, timeless branding tailored to the needs of my client. Unlike other sellers, I'm a solo designer, I handle each project personally, and put my full effort into every piece of work I produce. To be blunt, I won't stop until you are in love with your new branding. This link will lead to my past work/portfolio:

The Process

Step 1: You receive 3 fully developed concept ideas.
Step 2: You choose your favourite concept, and receive 2 additional revisions where you can request changes and discuss your ideas with me.
Step 3: Your finished product is delivered to you in your preferred format/s - Options include .png/.jpeg/.psd

This process is the same for all my services, however the costs vary depending on what you need:
  1. Custom Logo: £10
  2. YouTube Banner: £10
  3. 3 Thumbnails: £15
  4. Twitter header: £10
Special Offer: You can get a logo, banner and 3 thumbnails together for just £25

If you have any questions, feel free to message me anytime here or on my discord; Hussain#4456, or email me at

I look forward to working with you!
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