youtube branding

  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make YouTube Video Teasers - FREE Promo Video Templates for Instagram & Facebook

    Video teaser templates that you can wow your audience with. A great way to advertise your videos online is with Instagram YouTube and facebook teaser templates. Make an eye catching video to hook them in and make them want to see your main content.
  2. HussainHilali

    Services Excellent Bespoke Branding, Tailor Made For You!

    About me I'm a freelance graphics designer with over 5 years of experience that focuses on creating minimal, timeless branding tailored to the needs of my client. Unlike other sellers, I'm a solo designer, I handle each project personally, and put my full effort into every piece of work I...
  3. Minyin Valarauco

    I need help creating the watermark/branding

    So, I'm having a problem with the channel watermark/branding function. Since I've started I can't get it to work or show up after creating one, with how someone says to make one in a video. Can someone tell me how to make a watermark/branding, what program I have to use, step by step...
  4. Stike96

    Your One-Stop Guide To Great Branding!

    ***Sorry if someone already made a similar post to this one, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Edit: Oops, I just realised that there's a dedicated branding section in the forum. Don't know how missed that lol. Nevermind, I guess this is still my take on it. *** Hi all! I wanted...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Build Your YouTube Brands - 28 Tips

    Build Your YouTube Brand and STAND OUT! YouTube is a huge platform with millions of channels and maybe even billions of users watching hours & hours of video every second. This can be a huge needle in a haystack when it comes to companies or branding so you need to Build Your YouTube Brand...
  6. Sk Jony

    I need Some Advice About Authority Channel

    I want to start Authority channel, where I published various news related topic and trending post. What was the guideline and how to decorate my Authority channel and how to promote it?
  7. YourKingSkeletor

    Can I get some feedback on my latest video?

    Just posted a Bloodborne Let's Play episode where I fight Rom in NG+. I used a stream so I didn't get cut off then downloaded it from twitch and edited it. There are a few moments where it is blurry for a few seconds despite being recorded in 1080p, likely due to a few moments of weak internet...