youtube logo

  1. Deymon

    Request I'll pay whoever can design something similar

    Hey, hope you're doing alright and yes I'm definitely going to pay as the title states. I need some channel art "logo & banner" (YouTube) since my current art has copyrighted material. I already have an idea of the style I'm looking for which I've attached (2 examples). I'm going to do the...
  2. HussainHilali

    Services Excellent Bespoke Branding, Tailor Made For You!

    About me I'm a freelance graphics designer with over 5 years of experience that focuses on creating minimal, timeless branding tailored to the needs of my client. Unlike other sellers, I'm a solo designer, I handle each project personally, and put my full effort into every piece of work I...
  3. obo.

    Services Cheap, high quality GFX for your channels.

    Hey there, I'm a graphic designer and I'm looking for people who need some high quality, cheap GFX for their channels. If you have any questions contact me. Looking forward to working with you! :)
  4. Paranoia_Origins

    Services [PAID] I Will Create You Both Clean, and Professional Youtube Designs

    I Will Create All Types Of Clean Professional Youtube Designs My Services My services that can be offered within my shop here are: YouTube channel related graphics (thumbnails, banners and logos) image examples below: Custom 3D intro video creation services examples...
  5. MigzisAWESOME13

    Services Cheap YouTube Logos!

    If you guys want a YouTube logo like mine right here on YtTalk just give me a message on: Discord: MigzIsAWESOME13#6942 Twitter: @MigzIsNotAPleb Here is 1 of my many designs that I will do for ONLY $0.00 (FREE) P.S I can make way better ones. Just P.M me a pic of you and a background you want...
  6. Breana


    Hey! My name is Breana, im 17 and i do graphics if your in need of some channel art I got you!! best way to contact me is to through twitter @ChickGraphik or my instagram @Chick.Graphik, I can do a cartoon of you for a logo or just cause, i can make banners, simple ones or ones with more detail...
  7. RTBFrebel

    Request Anyone Able To Make Me a Channel Art/Icon For Me? (Free)

    Hey guys so recently I've decided to revamp my channel and in order to finish the revamp I need a new channel logo and channel art. I'm not good at that part so i would greatly appreciate some assistance, If anyone would be happy to help me let me know here or tweet me @RTBFrebel.
  8. Jackpat02rules

    Finished/Closed Channel Banner and Logo

    Hello, I am looking for a skilled artist who can do art for Pokémon and Team Fortress 2. Included below are pictures but I need to explain what I want. What I offer: In return for the art, I am offering a few different things as I can't pay money. I will put credit in all videos descriptions...
  9. Failproductions

    New Logo

    we are planing on changing are YouTube Logo to just kinda update it make it nicer, however with are new one were not sure we want (Destroy It) on it. the reason is because we just recently discovered another channel that started a few weeks after us made there name destroy it and now people are...
  10. X

    Request Im in need of a great Youtube and twitch logo and overlay im willing to pay 40 for everything Paypal

    I'm making a YouTube need help with Logos and over view of my YouTube and a great overlay and for my twitch if you can do intro that's perfect also PLZ contact me on here or............ Kik: xEliteGamerHDx Twitter: xEliteGamerHDx IM SO SERIOUS SO PLZ HIT ME UP IF...
  11. Ascriva

    Feedback on my logo and banner

    I just finished creating my channels logo and profile banner. Would love to know your thoughts on the new design!!!!
  12. FraYoshi

    YouTube Doodle xD

    did You notice the YouTube icon? There's a doodle as in the google homepage now!!!