Where to Make Channel Art


So everybody, I found this awesome website called canva.com
if you want to make channel banners easily just use that site because it's super simple and intuitive. let me know what you guys think!
it seems they have something to hide. They want people to sign up first. I always avoid these spam like web sites. The whole world and his dog just don't need my email address for no good reason. But if you like it cool
Been using Canva for a while. Quick and easy. You do sign up, but you don't have to by anything from there. Almost all my thumbnails are done there.
I say just get yourself Photoshop, get familiar with it real quick through YouTube tutorials, it's easier than ever and really quite intuitive. It seems to have become an absolute requirement for YouTubers nowadays, and most of them barely know the very basics and fundamentals of the program.
GIMP is the best alternative to photoshop that I have found, it has almost all the same features, and can actually do things that Photoshop hasn't implemented yet. I use Photoshop personally, but GIMP is a great alternative! It is free, and there are tons of tutorials online on how to use it!
The one that works for me is Inkscape.

Keep in mind that when making art you probably want to scale it bigger and smaller and thus you will need to vectorize it.

Inkscape is free open source vector graphics software and is my choice #1.