1. Anjim

    No More Gaming Channel

    Hey Yttalk sorry I have not been here for while real life situations but I just want to say I delete my Anjim Plays gaming channel for "unfortunate circumstances" So I decided to put some gaming content on my main channel but I always up for collabs and feedback on my channel. I also created a...
  2. Adelle

    Video Review on Yandere Simulator

    So, I've finally made a video that I think may draw in SOME type of crowd. Even if the crowd is small. I'm sure that lots of people have heard of Yandere Simulator? Anyway, I've made a video based on that, and I would really appreciate it if you told me things that I could improve on. Perhaps if...
  3. sphamedia

    Does anyone have any knowledge of anime or shintoism?

    Hey guys, im making a series about anime and its shintoism relations, I've made a few videos but what i really need is a group of friends i can talk to about it. People who have an interest in this kind of stuff, because I've been stuck on a few things, like what is the literal translation of...
  4. ohzana

    Requesting Channel Review? (Geeky Videos, Covers, Makeup Tutorials) Hi guys! In the past I've tried to focus on geek related content because that's more of who I am, but in the past month I've just tried to upload anything I can think of twice a week. (Like did you know the more you upload the higher you come up in the search...
  5. zenhuxtable

    'sup, dudes. i'm a slowly growing anime/cartoon review channel, and i need your help.

    so, there's not much to it. I'm a content creator with what i believe is decent content. My channel's name is Zen huxtable. so, there's two things i'd like to ask. One, an honest opinion of my channel, and two, tips on how to grow my channel quicker. thank you in advance!
  6. KingSpicy!


    Hello there ppl, I need an artist who can draw me some cartoon-styled body shots of me with different facial expressions. Hopefully there's an artist out there who can do some for me for FREE, so if any of you are willing to help me out, LET ME KNOW PLEASE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!
  7. Anjim

    Re: Zero Epsiode 18 Rem Is A Ride Or Die Chick Review

    Subaru rejects Rem in this epsiodes
  8. sphamedia

    Animation Is there any Scottish anime youtubers?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for scottish anime youtubers, to watch and maybe collab, but also not to feel as alone in what i do, do you know any?
  9. J

    Pokemon: The First Movie Review

    For more reviews of animated films, head to
  10. Anjim

    Does Gabriel Agreste Have Twin Brother And Theories On Season 2

    Are you ready for Miraculous Ladybug
  11. wabz

    Other Niche Anime Reviewer in New York Looking to Make New Friends

    Hi Everyone, WabinoSabi here! I’m looking to meet or collab with fellow anime reviewers/ Japanese Culture enthusiasts. I post reviews of kind of darker stuff (Inside Mari manga, Aku no Hana manga, Recently did a Perfect Blue movie review) and I’m also into psychological thrillers. Don’t get me...
  12. Anjim

    Do You Love Or Hate Berserk 2016 Series?

    Do you think the animation is bad in Berserk 2016 series
  13. sphamedia

    Other Anime video creator looking for friends to grow with

    Hey guys, im sphamedia, a relatively small youtuber, i make alot of videos around anime like simplifying story lines for new comers and origin related videos. Im looking for people to grow with who enjoy anime. I would also be willing to do one off collabs with people who are playing an anime...
  14. Anjim

    My Anime Harem And Waifu Story

    Please don't laugh I love me some anime women lol
  15. Red Thunder

    Voice Acting Anime Abridged - Male & Female V/Os Wanted

    Hey guys, name's Don. Here's the deal, I've been wanting to make an Anime Abridged for quite some time. If any of you have seen Aquarion, that's the one I was thinking of doing. In all honesty I'm a bit further along than simply THINKING of doing it as I've written a full script for the first...
  16. Anjim

    Can Izuku Defeat All Might In Battle?

    Anybody watch My Hero Acadamia? This video is for you
  17. Anjim

    Is Furi the new Afro Samurai?

    This is one of the best indie I ever played if you are anime-fan
  18. WeridLife

    Other Anime Collabs

    I am a newer youtuber who does anime videos and vlogish videos :). If you would be interested in collaborating put a reply saying what you would like to do:bounce: thank you for reading:dance:
  19. Anjim

    When Animation Quality Goes Wrong In Anime

    This video is inspired by CJ Vs. Manga "When Anime Goes Wrong" - Anime Midwest 2016 panel
  20. Jamie Taylor

    Voice Acting Male Voice Over for One Punch Man Analysis Video.

    I need someone for a one-punch man analysis video. Preferably a male voice, but it doesn't matter. If interested either message me or message my email
  21. Anjim

    Promoting Youtube Channels On Forums

    First I want to thank everyone in Yttalk for the positive feedback and support! I have two channel Anjim 2.0 (anime channel) and Anjim Plays (gaming channel). I am using my gaming channel in this forum because their are other gaming channels who are trying to grow like me than anime channels. I...
  22. Flash Cake

    Comedy Gaming & Anime Videos :D

    Hey, my name is Flash Cake (Flash because of my quick wit and Cake because I'm pretty damn sweet) I make comedy videos about anime, video games and internet culture in general. This is a typical video of mine, I hope you enjoy it.
  23. EmmanuelJolly

    Other Art Collaborations!

    My name is Emmanuel and i run an Art YouTube channel. I make ''How To Draw'' videos and i was looking for people that upload similar content to mine. I'm looking for people to collaborate with, if you don't upload ''How To Draw'' videos but your content is Art related, i would still be very...
  24. Anjim

    Can Pokemon Go Can Be Used In The Wrong Way?

    What do you guys think?
  25. Anjim

    Anime theories = Bleach and Fairy Tail

    What do you guys think?
  26. WeridLife

    Vlog Anime Vlog Collab

    I Do Anime Vlogs and i was wondering if anyone would like to collab?
  27. MPEVA

    Japanese Anime Mania- Anime Reviews

    Hey everyone! Hunter here (1/2 of the Dynamic Duo) and apart from making Let's Plays, I also do anime reviews! Being a big part of my childhood and still today, I wanted to share my thoughts to others and give my two cents and opinions about certain shows. So without further ado, here is the...
  28. Anjim

    The Reason I Want To Quit My Job For Youtube

    I know YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme but it's brings out your talent and the freedom to express yourself. Here is the story, I work at a office government job 8-4pm Mon-Friday (I can't say what it is) and the people their advantage of me and I got 5 supervisors (I suppose to have one)...