1. WeridLife

    Vlog Anime Vlog Collab

    I Do Anime Vlogs and i was wondering if anyone would like to collab?
  2. MPEVA

    Japanese Anime Mania- Anime Reviews

    Hey everyone! Hunter here (1/2 of the Dynamic Duo) and apart from making Let's Plays, I also do anime reviews! Being a big part of my childhood and still today, I wanted to share my thoughts to others and give my two cents and opinions about certain shows. So without further ado, here is the...
  3. Anjim

    The Reason I Want To Quit My Job For Youtube

    I know YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme but it's brings out your talent and the freedom to express yourself. Here is the story, I work at a office government job 8-4pm Mon-Friday (I can't say what it is) and the people their advantage of me and I got 5 supervisors (I suppose to have one)...