1. Winter Storm Esports

    Gaming Looking To Expand!

    Hi everyone my name is Shurikex and I'm the CEO of Winter Storm Esports. I hope y'all are having a beautiful thanksgiving so far.I just wanted to make a quick announcement Winter Storm Esports is making a project with YouTube/Twitch we are currently looking for responsible volunteers that can...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Anime tag while hiking in the Cotswold!

    What do you do when you go hiking for 3,5 hours? Right, you do an anime tag :) It's quite an old tag, but I had a lot of fun doing it with my sister =D
  3. Fodimin

    Need help concerning a video of mine that was blocked!

    On YouTube, some of my most popular videos are my anime sub-edits, where I basically take a short to medium length anime clip and edit the subtitles almost like an abridged series. My latest sub-edit, which due to many things has taken me a month to make is automatically blocked every time I...
  4. WitherKingBoss

    Music Need someone who can sing an anime songs (TV Size only)

    Hello, I am working on some remixes with some old and new anime songs because I love anime. This is just a thread to ask if you want your singing to be on a remix just follow these steps: 1. Message me if you have discord here WitherKingBoss#9499 and I will tell you what anime song I wanted to...
  5. MagesticDragon

    Music Anyone Who can sing in Japanese? + Mixers, Video Editors, and Artists

    I'm doing a genderbent cover of an underrated male idol video game called Idolish7. You don't really any prior knowledge or playthrough of the game, but it'll be good to have some knowledge. For example for those who know Love Live! I would call this their male counterpart but with a mix of...
  6. KillSscope

    Other Looking for a team of dedicated Individuals to help manage the Superhero Based Content On My Channel

    Looking for a team of dedicated individuals to help me with creating original and unique superhero based content. My channel consists of: TV Show and Movie Reviews, Superhero Video Game Concepts, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe discussions, Occasional, Anime and Manga News...
  7. sparkthedarkness

    Gaming Is anyone going to metrocon in tampa tomorrow?

    I'll be going all four days of the con and hope to see all of you there (or any at all)
  8. Rolz

    Anime to watch?

    Whats going on guys :) I released my latest video yesterday - it covers some awesome anime shows as well as movies! Be sure to check it out if you're looking for something new to watch!
  9. bboytlil

    JUST LIVE LIFE | Spring Vlog 2017

    YOOO~ What is up everyone, so this is my Spring 2017 VLOG! I decided to put a bunch of fun clips together during the beginning of Spring! Since Spring is pretty much way over I thought it would be cool to share with you all these awesome moments and memories. Enjoy the video as you'll be seeing...
  10. Rolz

    Guessing Anime with Memes???

    Hey guys, if you enjoy anime and memes then check out my latest video! If you enjoy anything anime or tech related be sure to check out my channel :) Thank you and thanks for watching! :bounce: Help me reach my goal of 200 subs! :bounce: :help:
  11. Red rose

    Listen Up!!

    As of right now I have 2 subscribers and 20 views. I need to to fix this.
  12. Rolz


    Hey guys, I just dropped my latest anime list video! I cover my top 5 uncensored anime! Of course its all about the "plot" and "backstory";) however jokes aside some of them do actually have meaningful story lines and characters. I recommend checking them out, not just for the...
  13. AMX Gaming

    AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off

    Have you ever wanted to take a girls clothes off without getting in trouble? well, you came to the right place, watch as we take on more evil duers and strip them down as punishment in this Akiba's Trip gameplay AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off This suburban Tokyo ward's...
  14. Rolz

    ANIME for the month of May?

    Hey guys, these are the anime i'm watching for the month of May :D It's a new series over on my channel so be sure to check it out if you haven't already! I apologize for missing the month of April, I was extremely busy :P If you enjoy the video then be sure to drop a like and SUB for more...
  15. Andros

    Voice Acting would like to do some voice acting

    hey how's it going guys. the names Andros,i would like to do some voice acting for an abridged dub or for something original, im open to anything. im into anime, comics and gaming
  16. Rolz

    Pushing our limits! - DB XV2 + Added facecam!

    Hey guys, ItsHowWeRolz back with another Xenoverse 2 episode! I've added a facecam to increase the "connection" between myself and my viewers:giggle: (let me know your thoughts) We get thrown into the deep end (again!). HIT is on another level and there's no Goku in sight? Thank you in...
  17. Justine

    Netflix is DEAD | Overwatch Gameplay

    So if you haven't heard, Netflix just announced that they're going to have a live action Death Note series and's bad dude it's pretty bad. I'm gonna go a little bit Buzzfeed on ya in this but stay with me. Thanks for taking some time out of your day to check out this thread and my...
  18. Rolz

    Must see anime!

    What's good guys, check out my latest video :) This video is the start of a new series, in which I cover what anime I'm watching each month! Reason for this is ultimately to generate discussions on my channel :) If you guys enjoy it then smash that like button also subscribe to help me reach...
  19. Kasagi

    Channel ideas ?

    hey guys, as of now I have 3 channels ( metal music, dance music and gaming ) yeah odd mix I know I was thinking of doing a manga/anime review type thing to as nothing I do now reviews anything, it's mainly creative production Basically wondering if this is a good idea or not worth the time ?
  20. Rolz

    Most powerful anime weapons?

    Whatsup good guys! ItsHowWeRolz here :) If you watch anime you would know that almost every character has a badass weapon/ability. IMO these are some of the most badass/powerful weapons out there! Give it a look and if you have any suggestions/comments feel free to let me know :) If you do...
  21. Rolz

    Is the Death Note the most powerful anime weapon?

    Hey guys! Just released my latest video in which I cover my top 5 most powerful anime weapons! If you guys have any suggestions or comments please let me know :) If you do enjoy the video then be sure to smash that SUBSCRIBE button and help me reach my goal of 100 subs! Currently on 64/100...
  22. Rolz

    Unboxing my LOOTANIME!

    Yo how's it going guys! I dropped my latest video tonight. It's a lootcrate/lootanime unboxing :D I hope you guys enjoy One Piece and stay tuned for more! Thank you for watching and any constructive criticism is welcome + if you do enjoy the video please subscribe and help me reach my goal...
  23. Rolz

    Face Reveal for the subs!

    Hey guys here's a face reveal for my subscribers :D! facereveal video! Be gentle with the comments as I'm still learning :p Also new Anime video series starting on Wednesday and a Xenoverse 2 video on Saturday! (Double uploads!) ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button &...
  24. Rolz

    50 sub special - Face Reveal!

    Hey guys, just dropped my latest video! As promised to my subscribers this is my face reveal video. I'm still new to being in front of the camera so don't hate too much! ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button & help me reach my goal of 100 subs! Thanks for watching!
  25. Rolz

    50 SUB goal reached!

    Whatsup guys! Today I got a pleasant surprise when viewing my 'community' on YouTube :D I saw I reached my goal of 50 subscribers! Thanks for all those that have supported me! On to the next goal of 100 Subs! :help: Wishing everyone else the best of luck with their YouTube endeavours!
  26. jdSenpai


    If you got constructive criticism feel free to say ! :)
  27. Taunri

    Other Colab

    Hey there, im just looking for a few youtubers to colab with, i run a small anime based channel, 1k plus subs and around 220k views, so am looking to grow with some colabs if possible.
  28. Rolz

    Look away if it's too much!

    What's up guys! Hope you are keeping well :) I just dropped my latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video! Give it a look wont ya ;) I take on Cell and i'm not going to's a close call! If you enjoy it and are keen to see more please hit that SUBSCRIBE button :) help me get to 100...
  29. Doctor Dano

    Collab CO-OP speedpainting!

    I am looking for a digital artist that wants to CO-OP in a speed-painting, from the comfort of your own home. XD Requirements: - Photoshop software for digital art - Record screen software - Minimum average 100 views per video (or more) - Minimum 80 subs on your channel (or more) - Drawing...
  30. Rolz

    Top 5 Most Anticipated Anime of 2017!

    What's good guys! Are you overloaded with an ever increasing list of anime to watch? Well scrap that! Here are 5 of the most anticipated and thus MUST WATCH anime of 2017! If you have any suggestions of what I should've included let me know! I'm always keen to see what other people enjoy and are...