Other Niche Anime Reviewer in New York Looking to Make New Friends


Hi Everyone, WabinoSabi here! I’m looking to meet or collab with fellow anime reviewers/ Japanese Culture enthusiasts. I post reviews of kind of darker stuff (Inside Mari manga, Aku no Hana manga, Recently did a Perfect Blue movie review) and I’m also into psychological thrillers. Don’t get me wrong, shojo is also great…but my channel mainly focuses on psychological, supernatural works. I’m looking for someone with the same or similar interests who wouldn’t be opposed to online collabs, cross promotion or even a meet up. It’d be fun to find someone (or a group of individuals) to talk about the latest episode of 91 Days with, etc.

I’m a small channel (under 500 subs) so I’m looking for the same in order to be fair. Hope to hear from you all soon ^^