YouTube Videos Promotion Poll - Which Helps The Most?

Which platform do you find helps your channel/videos the most?

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Other (please share them)

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never heard of sharee tbh or what its about little bit more info on it?
It's a lot like YTTalk but a little smaller. There's no digital money, but you can't reply with one word answers. There are places to promote your videos, images, websites. There are forums to here to discuss anything, from fun topics, to help, to YouTube related .
Hope that helps
Only been doing this for a month so only have limited experience, but I would say out the three mentioned twitter is by far the best! Would also recommend sharree its bought some decent attention to my vids. I'm still learning how Reddit works. For some reason the Reddit platform seems to do everything in its power to prevent any sort of promotion. Users there seem to take pleasure in downgrading vids lol. Facebook is my personal one so I only use it sparingly.
I like Twitter, I mostly use my family or friends as my promoter's I don't have a lot of subscribers yet so that my main focus is to me more noticed twitter is good for that.
I don't really have much success with anything except Instagram.
Although I don't get many people from Instagram either. On one of my channels with my friends we got like 20 subs from Instagram.
Twitter and Facebook haven't really done much with.
Google Plus i have tried but i haven't gotten much success.
I literally only gained 1 subscriber from Reddit, they seem pretty loyal though.
Anything else I haven't really tried yet.[DOUBLEPOST=1527703279,1527659888][/DOUBLEPOST]After reading through like, all the comments, i'm going to try Pinterest and Tumblr.

I hope it goes well!
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I'll admit I use all of them. Facebook gets me the most traffic as far as impressions and views go. I have a lot of "friends" and family members will sometimes share a post as well. Not the best retention though.

Twitter is probably the easiest to use but I don't get much engagement.

Instagram has the best engagement for my content but offers a hard platform to redirect to TY in an enriching way. This is probably more based on my content which is LEGO. If they already saw pictures they don't always want to go to the video to see the full thing. Double edged sword, that one.

Vero is nice social media that I have found to be very sleek and meaningful. It's not big though, so using proper and specific hashtags is super important.

Google+ is a poor platform for me but I believe it has to do with me not knowing how to utilize it properly.

Honestly, my best social media to engage with YT videos is probably this forum or the comments on videos themselves.

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At this stage, I feel like Twitter is best for me. Then again, I'm not outright spamming... yet, but the opportunity to do so is there since there are so many used on the platform, your spam could go more or less unnoticed.