YouTube Videos Promotion Poll - Which Helps The Most?

Which platform do you find helps your channel/videos the most?

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Other (please share them)

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I'm slowly but surely building up a bit of a following, to chime in with a few others on this thread consistency is the key, Do what you enjoy but trial things rather than going all in on them in the first a couple of videos about something different and if they dont take make them a rare occurence...if they are well recieved then make them more regularly...but feel your audience out and try and offer the kind of things they'd like. obviously dont sell out because you'll never be happy if your producing content you think others will like rather than stuff you like yourself.

Also the odd bit of promotion through Adwords once you have plenty of videos online doesnt hurt...I've had a significant increase in views on all my videos and an extra 3 subs in 2 weeks just from promoting one of videos using ad words :)
Sorry friend, just starting out, with no installed fan base with titles like “why are they making that.?” You’ll NEVER get views. The words are just way too common. That only works for big channels that have a cult following. Also get your family and friends on the PC and play the whole vid as soon as you upload to ensure a few 100%watchtimes going in. But don’t buy views, it doesn’t work
I didn't think about that issue with the title. I guess search optimization does outrank a catchy title right now.

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I definitely use Instagram as a tool of promoting my videos because it also gives that temporary exposure, however Twitter gives me more of the better insight of tracking on who clicked on my link.
I get zero interaction from Twitter. Too much noise. It's always been very hard for me to build a following on there.
I have no idea :O
I don't really feel like any of them help xP

Why do you say that? Have none of them helped you?
I mean, I haven't used any of them to promote my channel, but i'm sure It would help you in some way to get your channel some traction.
Definitely Twitter for me.
1. Simple to find people that are interested in your channel type, or the kind of video you're promoting.
2. Easy to converse with fellow creators.
3. You can brand your profile just like your youtube channel.
4. Pin your latest video to your twitter profile.

I need to create a twitter profile as soon as possible :)
social networks cant help very much in creating a succesful channel, unless you just looking for 50k views and 20k subs.
So far Facebook is my best promotion tool, on both my personal and business page. I do photography though so any social media that showcases images should technically be good... but Facebook is where I've picked up the most loyal fan base. Twitter seems almost too busy and my stuff gets lost even though I have over 2000 followers (not probably doing it right), and only recently just started posting my own pins on Pinterest and signed up for Reddit. On Pinterest, there are a lot of people who repost pins I've pinned but few who follow.
I have more subscribers on youtube that I have followers on twitter, instagram and facebook combined. I still share new videos on those social media platforms, but I don't know if any of them have really been particularly helpful.