YouTube Videos Promotion Poll - Which Helps The Most?

Which platform do you find helps your channel/videos the most?

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Other (please share them)

Results are only viewable after voting.


I Love YTtalk
Out of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and any other social media type websites, which do you find helps your channel/videos the most in terms of subscriber gain, engagement and views?

I thought this could be interesting to see the results. Feel free to share who you voted for and why. I am curious to see who ends up at the bottom, I have a feeling it may be Facebook.
When I first started I majorly spammed on Pinterest lol I would look up similar posts/recipes to what I did and say "if you're interested to see a tutorial on this visit my channel.." and it WORKED I had a lot of views and subs...........but then I got reported and they suspended my pinterest account :( I know spamming is looked down on, but I was hitting the right people and exactly the types of recipes I was doing, oh well was fun while it lasted. I haven't had much luck with other social media channels.
Is native video given priority in feeds over external video/links?

Native videos have more reach and will also be larger in size and auto-play. If you have dead videos on YouTube that aren't generating any income, you might as well repurpose them on Facebook as a native video and create a call to action button to watch on YouTube at the end of the video.
Definitely Twitter for me.
1. Simple to find people that are interested in your channel type, or the kind of video you're promoting.
2. Easy to converse with fellow creators.
3. You can brand your profile just like your youtube channel.
4. Pin your latest video to your twitter profile.
I honestly feel like Reddit is the least effective. People are so picky and critical there, and you'll often find dislikes on your videos because of Reddit if you aren't careful.
I primarily use Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. :)

I agree. Reddit is probably the worst place you can promote your videos. They don't take too kindly to self promotion. I haven't tried Tumblr yet.