YouTube Videos Promotion Poll - Which Helps The Most?

Which platform do you find helps your channel/videos the most?

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Other (please share them)

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Twitter is the best platform for me because it has helped me rank my videos a lot. I started my video promotion with Twitter and it gave me a lot of benefits.
1. Twitter connect you directly to your users.
2. This platform gives instantly the popularity of your videos.
3. With the help of this, you can promote your brand successfully.
You may make your videos only by writing the scripts and put them in front of the softwore(vidvamp) and boom, it will narrate the scrips withe a hight quality and rapidity. you may also edit or apply effects existed. It's better if you don't have a very sweety voice. yes....
here it is the link ;
and good luck for a new tips.
A gamer chat program called 'Discord' gave my channel a bit of a boost when I started promoting my videos there. but you have to be careful in which 'channels' you promote your videos. some like advertising, some don't. do your homework before you post the link!
I would say Facebook and Instagram because these platforms have large audiences, not to mention Reddit and Pinterest as these two also helped you to gain more views and subscribers (only if you are so active)
Thanks For the question?
I would like to suggest that Twitter & Reddit is the best platform to share your video or content.
I voted Instagram, but it's really not by a wide margin...

Be very careful with reddit, as the culture over there frowns on self-promotion. You can get away with it on subreddits where your content is directly related to the theme of the group, but read over the rules of the group before you do. The YT self promotion themed subreddits (and there are a bunch of them) are just link dumps. No one is browsing to find stuff to watch. Even the ones that require you to review and comment on other vids get empty reviews and comments and trigger poor retention analytics.

Facebook is even worse with link-dump groups.

You can add Tictok to the "other" list, but basically you will have to edit together an alternate version of your vid with a verticle aspect ratio that's under 1 minute long. And if you aren't doing a funny dance or adding a voice to your pet vid, don't expect a lot of views.

And then there are other video sites like BitChute, Vimeo, and LBRY... You may be able to expand brand awareness beyond YouTube without re-uploading your entire catalog. It's at least a good idea to claim your name on these other sites.
I've heard a few people blowing up after a Reddit article but I've never even seen the platform. Does anyone have an article or link or something on how to promote something on reddit? Also same for pintrest? How do people promote YT vids on pintrest?
Tumblr (by asking blogs, sharing each other's content/reblogging) but it must be a related fandom, Facebook (find related groups and pages), and Reddit (find related subreddits). As well as collaborating and commissioning on Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube
Of course Twitter. It is simple, quick, and easy to be viral! Haha :cool: Hmm, but I think Facebook also good. Just you have to explore more on how Facebook works. Improve your SEO. Sprinkle your page with keywords, leverage the power of backlinks, polish your about section, and always update your activity. Then, if you share your video, please please put on caption. Make it attractive or questionable so the audience will be more interested to view in a long time.