YouTube Videos Promotion Poll - Which Helps The Most?

Which platform do you find helps your channel/videos the most?

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Other (please share them)

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For me it's definitely Facebook because in addition to my general profile I can also post videos in the groups that would be of interest (ex. hiking videos for my White Mountain hiking group).

I also post on Twitter but I don't have many followers so I'm basically relying on hashtags which don't do a whole lot it feels like.
I think that advertising on a more famous YouTube channel helps the promotion of your channel the most.
I have been promoting my videos on Reddit and i have experinced my first view is from reddit only.
Check my video. :
depends on your audience and subject matter. for example, a lot of people come from insta to YT. now I'm trying to distribute content with the AIR creators ecosystem to the Chinese media market. TikTok also provides great traffic there. so the answer will be different for everyone. but I would go through testing and track which social network gives a large flow of people to the channel and improves performance.
I use Adbooro. It really works if you need to get first views fast. You get organic traffic from other channels through end screens. Actually amazing tool for boosting channels and making passive income! My friend has already earned more than 1000 bucks there. You can also try it by registering with my referral link:

P.S. By the way, now they give +1000 views for free if you are a new platform user after placing a minimum order.
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Saya setuju. Reddit mungkin adalah tempat terburuk untuk mempromosikan video Anda. Mereka tidak terlalu ramah untuk promosi diri. Saya belum mencoba Tumblr.
di mana tempat terbaik untuk mempromosikan saluran video yang kita miliki

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