Voice Acting Voice Actor/Actress for YT Collaboration needed

Hello everyone.

My wish is to create a collaboration YT Channel. I love making new friends as well as working with others. So why not combine it?
I have few experiences when it comes to voice acting, also took an acting class back in High School.
That aside I don't have any "preferences" if one has experience or not. The fun of it should be the main part.
I have a few ideas but would also be happy to accept and discuss the ideas of others.

Contact me over discord if you are interested: Karma Dallaire#7139

Till then,
Karma out :x
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Story telling (any kind of genre), comedy sketches, Comic dubbing, Discussions about various topics such as new trends or reviews.
only thing is my channel is still quite young.

Dear, this is totally fine by me. As I stated - I don't have a preference for experience.
What I want to have in the main view is the having fun part. Not the sub count, view count.
I'd like to start it simple yet I want it to be entertaining. Being entertaining when you just have recently started has really nothing to do with the sub or view count. Everything takes time, practice and patience.
Goodness, Discord? I guess I should've posted mine too. Hmm.. alright, here's mine: knight_medek#8595 Hope to see more of you in the future, I really want to try collaborating soon.