voice acting tryout

  1. S

    Voice Acting Need voice actors

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can voice as Sebastian from Black Butler. In the future, I am planning some comic dubs or manga dubs of Black Butler. Let me know if you want to voice as him. I can give out the information and the scripts on what to say.
  2. S

    Voice Acting Looking for voice actresses

    Hi everyone my name is Kasumi and I need two girls to do a voice acting on a comic dub I am working on and i need someone who can do bing chan and opera in this one comic Contact me on twitter Kasumi90 for further details
  3. KarmaDellaire

    Voice Acting Voice Actor/Actress for YT Collaboration needed

    Hello everyone. My wish is to create a collaboration YT Channel. I love making new friends as well as working with others. So why not combine it? I have few experiences when it comes to voice acting, also took an acting class back in High School. That aside I don't have any "preferences" if one...
  4. Cromartie

    Voice Acting Seeking Tons of Voice Actresses and Female Singers for 10K Milestone

    Hey again all. Being as I'm an independent animator, I'm starting the work on my 10K special super early despite being 3,000 away from the milestone. I want to do a big celebration special for my channel featuring all of the most popular characters on it and am seeking people to fill the roles...

    Voice Acting Deep Voiced Male Voice Actor Available

    Hello, my name is Murkul8ter A.K.A. Murk the savant, and I am looking to get into some voice acting. I've not done much in the past, but I can try to adapt to what you need. I have a studio quality microphone and know how to remove noise, equalize audio, and normalize audio. If you want an...