video looks bad hours after processing is done


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ive been experiencing extremely long processing time, and then after it says its done, it still looks very bad quality for hours and hours and hours. my latest upload "finished" processing 7 hours ago and still looks very blocky and pixelated, even in 1080p 60fps. but the thing is, that and 720p 60fps are the only watch options, there lower are gone, like its processing backwards or something ?? all my uploads before this one were made the same way and look fine. has anyone else been experiencing this? thanks for your time.
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Not at the moment, but in the past I would get some weird upload times. Remember an animation I did replayed in really low quality for a whole day, then next day it was all good.
Yeah sometimes YT is wierd. I upload and schedule it for 4 hours later so they always come out at 1080p 60fps. I think maybe you just got unlucky tbh
I had a video recently get uploaded at 720p but stayed at 144p for about two hours.

Either it will fix itself or you have to reupload.

Sorry bud
Sometimes it takes hours for me, and sometimes it is literally within minutes of uploading. It probably has to do with the amount of traffic at a given time!
My second and my third video when I uploaded them some part of the video would freeze and lag had to reupload 7 times each. If you can upload directly from your program that you are using or when your video is processing best bet is to wait for a while
Just remembered, there is a page on the youtube help that gives you there preferred upload codec and settings.
Uploading in a video compression different to these can slow down the time it takes for youtube to fully finish processing your video.

Check your settings - see if your output is H.264.

That may help speed it up too.
It will prob fix itself (YouTube has it's slow days) and if that doesn't happen then you're going to have to reupload it