1. fatisis

    Surpassed 1000 subs but not 4000 hours...

    It was a close call... Maybe it's because my videos are short... Now I'll wait and see what happens when I reach 4.000 hours... Pff...
  2. J

    What's the longest you've ever worked on ONE video??

    Hey! What's the most amount of time you've spent on one video? And how does that compare to your average time you spend making a video? I just spent probably 40+hours working on a video.... Let me know!
  3. mattcole

    video looks bad hours after processing is done

    ive been experiencing extremely long processing time, and then after it says its done, it still looks very bad quality for hours and hours and hours. my latest upload "finished" processing 7 hours ago and still looks very blocky and pixelated, even in 1080p 60fps. but the thing is, that and 720p...