What's the longest you've ever worked on ONE video??

JV Trammell

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What's the most amount of time you've spent on one video? And how does that compare to your average time you spend making a video?

I just spent probably 40+hours working on a video....

Let me know!
15-20 hours I'd say. Definitely not in a row, but maybe 5 hours at a time. Once I get in the editing mode I stay in the editing mode for a while haha
Hmm, my longest one probably took a combined total of maybe 4-5 hours because I was trying out different things. Most of them take about 30 minutes.
Most of my videos take about 2 hours to shoot and 10 hours to edit. I take lots of breaks, spreading the editing out over multiple days to keep my mind fresh whilst editing. So I could well be in it for 20 total hours for some in the end.
I think excluding the filming because I mostly film travel vlogs so that could be up to three weeks worth of filming before i come to edit anything, in terms of post-production/editing, maybe 4-5 hours.
My videos are nothing special, but because I'm still getting to know how to do things, it takes me at least 48hoirs in total on one video:bounce:
That was my Doctor who Top 5 worst Doctors list that too two months to complete
I spent a whole year making a minecraft map and then made a trailer of it. Does that count? LOL
And now I've been working on a song for like a week.

OK, but actually editing and stuff... never more than like 4 hours or so.